Please note: If you have purchased a Public Speaking Skills University course you are automatically an internal affiliate so there is no need to sign up again as an affiliate.

How this works? If anyone clicks on your unique link it places a cookie on their machine (this cookie lasts 2 years unless they clear cookies or change machines). If they go on to purchase the training at any point whether at the time they click or later when they return (from the same device), the affiliate software tracks the sale back to you and your account shows a sale and a handsome 30% of the fee paid is owed to you, unless they request a refund (which is unlikely).

Below these instructions (bottom of the page) is where as an affiliate you can track your earnings, there is usually a short delay so check back a few hours later if you think you have made a sale but it hasn’t appeared.


I pay you direct via Paypal after the 30 day moneyback guarantee has expired. Please make sure you have added your Paypal details under the Your Profile tab.

Your valuable, unique affiliate link is in the blue box below. This link can make you money!
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Examples of how to use your link (there are more) :

  • Add your link to a blog post/ review post.
  • Make a video review and add your link below.
  • Put a banner on your site.
  • Add to the resources section of your site.
  • Tweet.
  • Add to your facebook page or profile status.
  • Add in the description of your YouTube Video.
  • Write an article and submit to an article site with the link in the bio.
  • Add to your autoresponder sequence.
  • Create a page that forwards via your link eg. (this makes it easy to say out loud if you speak at seminars or do podcasts/webinars)
  • Invite me to do an interview and send the audience to my site via your link.
  • Set up an automated webinar that links to my product.
  • To mask your link and track clicks you can use

Thanks for being an Public Speaking Skills University affiliate! Any affiliate queries drop me an email