Trusted Influencer Inner Circle

Join my select group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals and get the skills and support you need to become the trusted influencer!

Improve your communication and influencing skills

The Trusted Influencer Inner Circle Program is perfect for anyone who wants to become the respected leader and influencer in their field with industry leading communication and influencing skills.

The  program is all about providing you with a real "take-home" knowledge and support that you can use to leverage your position and progress towards your goals.

But perhaps the most powerful aspect of the program is that you surround yourself with motivated, like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same struggles and ups and downs as you are as they pursue goals and dreams similar to yours.


A Practical, Powerful, Sustainable, Results Driven Program

Inner Circle members enjoy the following benefits...

Get recognised as a true leader

Increased Influence and Persuasiveness

Improved Confidence and Results

Deliver powerful and inspiring messages

Mark went the extra 5 yards helping to edit content - enabling me to condense my pitch. As a result I have gained four new clients from my sixty second pitch.

Bev Lewis, My Sales Manager

Become the Influencer who commands the attention of your clients and colleagues

The Trusted Influencer Inner Circle is for progressive business owners, sales professionals, and business leaders throughout the world who want to increase reach, influence, and dramatically improve their income through adding the tools of powerful communication and influence to their skill set right now.

You'll discover the step-by-step instructions and blueprints that you can use immediately to start affecting positive change in your business, organisation, or even in your own personal life.

If you've been searching for a way to shortcut the years of trial and error that come from mastering communication and refining your ability to influence then this is a must join program.

Is the Trusted Influencer Inner Circle right for you?

Joining the Trusted Influencer Inner Circle is right for you:

  • If you struggle with sales and marketing and you can't quite figure out what you're doing wrong…
  • If you're tired of hearing the word "No" every time you pitch or propose your ideas or message to clients or colleagues…
  • If you're confused that some people seem to have the "magic touch" when it comes to persuasion and influence…
  • If you're frustrated by your inability to command respect, be paid proper fees for the value that you offer, or make connections with important people in your market…
  • Or, even if you're already a master of sales, persuasion and influence but are simply looking to refine your skills…

About Mark

I learnt very early in my IT career that it wasn't always the most talented and gifted person who was respected and listened to by senior executives. Management turned to the people they trusted for advice and guidance.

To become a key influencer I developed more than my technical expertise. I invested in my communication skills, networking skills, and leadership abilities. This allowed me to position ideas and sell over $100 million of initiatives from a position of complete trust to some of the Australias toughest corporate executives.

The skills and techniques I used in my corporate career are what I teach and mentor to my select group of inner circle members.

And, when I'm not helping my clients become leaders in their fields - you'll find me supporting Liverpool FC!

What do Trusted Influencer Inner Circle Members get?

  • Monthly Mastermind Session

    Join the other awesome members of the Trusted Influencer Inner Circle for our monthly online group sessions. Bring your problems and questions and get the roadblocks removed!

  • 30+ Hours of Training Video

    Unrestricted access to over 30 hours of dedicated training videos covering areas such as mastering business networking, running online events, and conducting effective meetings.

  • Private Inner Circle Networking Group

    Members get access to our private LinkedIn group. Ask questions, get answers, give advice, and network in this premium group.

  • Focus Emails

    Members recieve targeted emails that inspire, teach, and motivate between our group sessions together!

  • Unrestricted Phone/Email Access

    Members enjoy the benefit of having unlimited phone/email access to Mark so they get the help they need to increase their influence and master the communication skills.

What do our Clients say?

Alaistair's Story

Alex's Story

Bev's Story

Mel's Story

Join Now

To get full access to the online group coaching sessions, over 30 hours of recorded training, and direct access to Mark Kyte and his networking community please sign up.

Become a Platinum Member of the Trusted Influencer Inner Circle program for only $197 per month (plus GST).

Let’s get started so you can become recognised as a true leader, increase your influence, improve your results and start delivering powerful and persuasive messages!

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