Online meeting and webinar audience engagement

How to keep your webinar and online meeting attendees engaged

Webinars and online meetings present a unique challenge in how you keep your participants and your attendees interested and occupied in the event that you are conducting, so in today’s quick tip, I am going to share with you three simple techniques that will help you keep your webinar attendees or your online meeting participants…

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How can I use webinars to grow my business?

Webinars are a great way to grow your business, make more sales, and increase your income! This video steps through the 7 different models you can use to exploit webinars. Which model suits your goals?

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how to become the trusted authority with webinars and workshops

Should I run webinars, live events, or both?

I received a great question from one of my email subscribers, Garry Hannam. Garry  asked me about the combination of live events and webinars and how attendees become paying clients. Do they attend just live events, do they purchase after webinars, or does a webinar lead people to a live event.   Check out my answer in…

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Why you need to give away Free Stuff to make more money

Earlier this week I received a voucher for Uber. It got me thinking about the value of Free stuff and the role it plays it making more sales. Check out my thoughts in the video below. What free stuff could you give away? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments box below.  

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What is the difference between Webinars and Webcasts

There is a subtle difference between webinars and webcasts. Whilst it may be subtle – it is critical for a business owner to know and understand the difference. In the coming months as more and more businesses increase their use of webinars – because they are cheap, easy, and effective. A small group will sand out from the pack. Those doing webcasts. Why? Check out this video for more explanation.

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How to become the authority in your marketplace

When someone asks who is the expert in self development the first name that comes to mind is Tony Robbins, when you think of mortgages in Australia you think of John Symonds, and when some asks who the expert is in your market place what name comes to mind? Is it yours? Or is it…

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