How to run an effective online meeting

Online meetings save time and money IF they are run correctly. Todays tip shows you how to conduct a professional and effective online meeting.

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Virtual Meetings

7 Tips to run an effective online meeting

Virtual Meetings promise increased efficiencies, increased collaboration, and reduced costs. Yet, for many, that hasn’t happened – they haven’t found the key to an effective virtual meeting. Instead, virtual meetings have become a quagmire where decisions are not made. Meetings struggle to get traction because people don’t engage. In this article, I will share with…

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12 webinar mistakes that make you look like a novice

In this article I’m going to share with you the 12 webinar mistakes you need to avoid to make your webinar successful and most importantly profitable! Webinar Mistake 1: Lacking a great Title and hook for the event The first, and most common of all the webinar mistakes made, is not having a great title…

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Selling through a webinar

What webinar platform should you use?

I’ve received a number of queries this week asking me what webinar platform I think someone should use… Now I’ve tried a few, and changed for a variety of reasons. You can find out which platforms I’ve used, why I switched, and what criteria you should use when reviewing webinar platforms in this video.  

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webinar mistakes

5 Webinar Mistakes you need to avoid to make sales online

Webinars are a great marketing tool when you know how to deliver one successfully. Traditional “in person” events can be risky and expensive, and while they have a role to play in any sales and marketing plan there are some key factors that you need to consider. An in person event requires a significant investment in…

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How to Sell More and Become the Expert in your Niche Webinar Replay

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what to present on periscope or Facebook live

5 Topics for you to talk about in your Live Videos

It is harder to reach your clients with your marketing messages today. Live video has an interactive dynamic that is disrupting traditional marketing because it provides an interruptive and interactive opportunity to engage with your clients. Why, because Facebook Live and Periscope notify your followers when you are live and provides the opportunity to interact…

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How to deliver an effective sales presentation

In this short video I outline how you can deliver an effective sales pitch. What is an effective sales pitch? Firstly, for a sales pitch to be considered successful it has to be more than getting the client to give you their cash. In my opinion a successful pitch gets the client to buy your…

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How to deliver an Interesting & Engaging Webinar that sells!

The key to successful webinar that sells is to keep the viewers interested and engaged in your pitch. This video shares four techniques that you can use to keep your webinars engaging and interesting.    

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Six Webinar models will grow your profits today

Public Speaking will grow your influence and provide you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the mark place. There are few better ways for an entrepreneur or consultant to deliver their message to large groups of potential clients more cost effectively.   However, finding regular opportunities where you can position yourself and…

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