what to present on periscope or Facebook live

5 Topics for you to talk about in your Live Videos

It is harder to reach your clients with your marketing messages today. Live video has an interactive dynamic that is disrupting traditional marketing because it provides an interruptive and interactive opportunity to engage with your clients. Why, because Facebook Live and Periscope notify your followers when you are live and provides the opportunity to interact…

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Successful Webinar Steps

Three Pillars of a Successful Webinar to Maximise your Profits

Webinars are hot right now. Webinars are a great marketing tool for any business – no matter what you do or what size your business is… To get a positive result from webinars there are three crucial steps that must be followed and respected to ensure you conduct a successful webinar that will increase your…

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What is the difference between Webinars and Webcasts

There is a subtle difference between webinars and webcasts. Whilst it may be subtle – it is critical for a business owner to know and understand the difference. In the coming months as more and more businesses increase their use of webinars – because they are cheap, easy, and effective. A small group will sand out from the pack. Those doing webcasts. Why? Check out this video for more explanation.

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