what to present on periscope or Facebook live

5 Topics for you to talk about in your Live Videos

It is harder to reach your clients with your marketing messages today. Live video has an interactive dynamic that is disrupting traditional marketing because it provides an interruptive and interactive opportunity to engage with your clients. Why, because Facebook Live and Periscope notify your followers when you are live and provides the opportunity to interact…

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Technical Presentations Audience

Is Public Speaking a good marketing strategy?

I was talking with a friend, Tanya, at a networking event last week. She shared with me her some of the successes she’s had over the last couple of months. Several months ago she approached me about potentially helping her with a presentation she was delivering at a sales conference. Ultimately we didn’t get the…

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Multiple Roles in a Webinar Presentation

Webinar Presenters Six Hats

Small business owners are accustomed to wearing multiple hats. It goes with territory of being a business owner. Multiple roles need to be performed – often at the same time. The same is true for webinar presentations. Every webinar has multiple roles being delivered, and often by the same person who is unaware that they…

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What is your webinar why?

Webinars are possibly the greatest marketing tool available to small businesses. They allow a business of any size to present themselves to potential and existing clients to demonstrate their expertise. For many small businesses the opportunity to get airtime is precious oxygen that can feed the growth of the business. And, without a massive market…

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