selling requires a relationship of trust

Why building a relationship is so important to sell anything

A number of years ago I was working with NRMA insurance. They were involved in a very large project with another insurance company that required their respective IT systems to be integrated. I identified a great solution, but couldn’t sell the idea to RACV because the trust wasn’t there. This is the story, what it…

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The Power of Consistency

We all know we can get a better burger at the local chicken shop than what is served up to at our local McDonalds. Most of us can cook a way better burger. So, why do we still head to our local Maccas when we want a quick and easy feed? Several reasons (and those…

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Sales Pitch

10 Sales Pitch Mistakes costing you sales

A sales pitch can be completely undermined by some elementary but deadly mistakes. It requires a significant investment of time, energy, and effort to get the opportunity to present your sales pitch to your ideal clients. And, to undermine the opportunity to get the sale by making avoidable but deadly mistakes is going to cost…

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Be the Hero – How to tell your story

It is a well-worn cliché that is repeated at almost every networking event I attend but is constantly restated for a reason – it works! “People do business with people they like, know, and trust!” Despite the constant reminders it is often forgotten. People slip into “selling mode” before building a connection with the person…

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