Effectively use a fire drill to make you a better public speaker

I’m sitting at Michel’s coffee shop in Menai this morning as I quickly write this article. The reason I’m “quickly” writing this weeks article is that the lovely ladies making the coffee behind the counter warned me that there is a fire drill this morning, which means that the entire shopping centre will be evacuated.…

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psychology of persuasion

Psychology of Persuasion – How to make your next presentation more persuasive

To influence your clients or your colleagues, you must understand the psychology of persuasion. In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Cialdini shares six principles that you can apply to increase your ability to influence and persuade clients or colleagues. In this article, I’ll share with you how you can take those six…

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how to close a sales presentation

The question you need to ask at the end of EVERY sales meeting

There is one simple question that should be asked at the end of every sales presentation or sales meeting. There is no need for “icky” high pressure closing techniques, rather a simple question that allows the customer to reveal their thoughts and feelings about the solution you have just shared with them. Hi, Mark here,…

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Essential Vocal Skills for Persuasive Presentations

Do you have a voice that is pleasant and easy for your clients to listen too? There are key vocal skills that you need to master so that your sales pitch is profitable and productive. And, no matter how enticing and persuasive the content of your sales pitch. If your clients cannot focus their attention…

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Habits of Power presenters and sales people

7 Habits of Powerful Presenters and Sales People

There are speakers who can captivate an audience and influence their thinking and sell their ideas effortlessly. What are the key differences that separate them from an ineffective speaker? Below are seven habits that distinguish a powerful and influential presenter. Focus on the Audience To influence an audience a powerful presenter knows their attention and…

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three levels

Three Levels of Public Speaker – Which level are you?

David Brooks, a Toastmasters World Champion, first described these levels to me over a coffee several years ago. I like them because they provide the high level markers of our development and provide the rights aspirational targets someone wanting to know how to improve their public speaking skills. There are no false indicators created around…

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Do you have a Plan B?

Yesterday morning I started the day with a bit of a catastrophe… I was working on the kitchen table when a cup of English Breakfast tea got knocked over. Like a movie in slow motion I could see the tsunami of tea (a slight exaggeration – but you get the picture) surging towards my laptop.…

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Sales Pitch

10 Sales Pitch Mistakes costing you sales

A sales pitch can be completely undermined by some elementary but deadly mistakes. It requires a significant investment of time, energy, and effort to get the opportunity to present your sales pitch to your ideal clients. And, to undermine the opportunity to get the sale by making avoidable but deadly mistakes is going to cost…

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Three Lessons from Stand Up Comedy that will get you more sales!

The greatest Improv isn’t! Have you ever sat back and watched, in awe, some of the worlds greatest comedians deal with hecklers or improvise their way through a series of jokes? What looks like wonderful spontaneity often isn’t spontaneous at all! The comedians prepared for the situation – they had come back lines ready to…

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How to deliver an effective sales presentation

In this short video I outline how you can deliver an effective sales pitch. What is an effective sales pitch? Firstly, for a sales pitch to be considered successful it has to be more than getting the client to give you their cash. In my opinion a successful pitch gets the client to buy your…

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