Trusted Influencer Show – Why people don’t buy what you’re selling

You can make more sales when you understand why people won’t buy what your selling. In this episode of the trusted influencer show I discuss the six reasons why people won’t buy and what you need to change so you can increase your influence and make more sales!            

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Get More Clients webinar replay

Get more Clients and Sell from the stage Webinar Replay

We had an awesome time earlier in the week.The webinar covered some amazing material. Check out the replay below!      

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how to close a sales presentation

The question you need to ask at the end of EVERY sales meeting

There is one simple question that should be asked at the end of every sales presentation or sales meeting. There is no need for “icky” high pressure closing techniques, rather a simple question that allows the customer to reveal their thoughts and feelings about the solution you have just shared with them. Hi, Mark here,…

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The 3 Best Sales Questions you need to ask every client

When you sit down with your clients there are three key questions that you need to ask them. If you don’t you will not know what they are really thinking, feeling, or how motivated they are. But when you are armed with the answers to the three questions I share with you in the video…

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