Prepare a presentation

How to prepare a presentation in 60 seconds


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How to increase your income by 50%

Increase your income by 50% – Warren Buffet tells you how

Is there a way that you can easily increase your income by 50%? Conventional logic says that there is no way to quickly and effortlessly increase your value by 50% overnight. However Warren Buffet disagrees. Speaking to student at Columbia Business School, in a televised address, he told them how they could easily increase their…

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How to Present Bad News

Why the Myth of speaking to a Naked Audience is so wrong!

One of the greatest public speaking myths perpetuated is to imagine your audience naked – this will help reduce any nervousness you might have as a speaker. What a load of malarkey!! Why anyone would want to believe that this would help them prepare and deliver a great presentation is beyond me. Let’s look at…

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips

25 Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking is a skill that can be developed and mastered over time. The 25 tips below will help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills sooner. They will enable you to concentrate your efforts in the right areas to ensure your skills and confidence grow in the shortest time possible.   1.      Know…

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Audience Questions

Identifying your Audience

The key to successfully communicating a message to an audience is to understand who the audience is. Without knowing who you are presenting to and what they are interested in you have little chance of success. This short entry outlines the Who, Why and Whats you need to know to effectively prepare your next presentation.

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RIP Robin Williams – Lessons from the GREAT Comedian

Hearing the news of Robin Williams untimely passing yesterday was very sad. It is a mark of the man than TV networks broke into their regular programming to announce that Robin Williams was dead.

Robin had a special ability to make so many people laugh and smile. Through his comedy he made many peoples lives happier with his comedy. It was an art that he practised and perfected constantly. He never relied on natural talent alone, he was an artist who worked at perfecting his craft. Within the industry he was known as one of THE hardest working comedians, constantly practising and refining his jokes at comedy clubs before they would go anywhere near the “big stage”.

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