The Recipe for a great speech

Watching Masterchef on Monday night the contestants were asked to cook a really spectacular dessert called the Passion Flower. Aside from simply looking spectacular the dish has a theatre about it in that the petals that make the outside of the dish open when the white chocolate sauce is poured into the bowl. When the contestants…

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Technical Presentations Audience

Is Public Speaking a good marketing strategy?

I was talking with a friend, Tanya, at a networking event last week. She shared with me her some of the successes she’s had over the last couple of months. Several months ago she approached me about potentially helping her with a presentation she was delivering at a sales conference. Ultimately we didn’t get the…

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Are you Squeezing your Speeches?

How long should my speech be? How many words should I have? What information should I cover? These are common questions that need to be answered when you start the process of writing your speech. Sadly, most speakers’ get the answers wrong – particularly to the last question.   Often, when a speaker, doesn’t know…

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How to Give feedback – so it has a positive impact!

I know plenty of people who are prepared to share their “thoughts” and “opinions”. Not many of them know how to provide their counsel in a constructive way. They often wonder why their feedback doesn’t have the desired impact. And, in many cases, the result is the direct opposite of what they expected or wanted…

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Man after making mistake

Top 10 Public Speaking mistakes in 2014 (and how to avoid them in 2015!)

Over the last twelve months many, many presentations have been delivered. Most of them were disappointing for audiences. All of them could have easily improved if the presenter had avoided making some simple mistakes. In most cases the presenter was oblivious to the mistakes. After reviewing the list below you will know what the mistakes…

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Why you should use Stories in your Presentations

Almost all the presentations delivered in the corporate world are dull and boring. As a result they fail to inspire or persuade the audience to purchase the product/service on offer or modify their behaviour. This is something that can be easily rectified by the presenter.

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Improve your Public Speaking by applying these lessons from Apple

Apple keynote presentations and product launches are some of the best presentations in the world. They exhibit the best public speaking skills and techniques available. In this short video I share that those best techniques are, and how you can apply them so you improve your public speaking skills….

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How to incorporate statistics in your sales presentation

Seamless incorporating statistics into a presentation is easier said than done. Often the result is a presentation that confuses and confounds an audience. In the video below Mark shares some simple public speaking tips that will enable you to add statistics to sell your ideas whilst keeping your audience interested and awake!

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Packaging your Presentation

When the iPad was launched Steve Jobs spent countless hours fussing over the details. Not only the details of the iPad but also the details of the packaging of the iPad. He wanted to ensure that the customer enjoyed the experience of buying Apple products from the moment they lifted the box off the shelf, through taking the iPad out of the box, to using the device.

You can leverage the lessons from Apple to package your presentations to ensure your audience enjoys the experience of your presentation. There are three elements to packaging a presentation; they are your appearance, your slides, and your delivery.

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5 reasons you need great presentation skills

In almost every job description there is the requirement that the person filling the role must have “excellent communication skills”. Unfortunately in many cases the communication skills of the employee are average at best – it is the reason why there are so many courses and books on improving your public speaking and presentation skills.

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