How to make your next presentation irresistible

It is vital you make your presentation irresistible. We live and work in a world that has never been busier. As presenters and influencers this presents a unique challenge. The people we want to influence are battling with the mountain of distractions before we approach them. When we ask them to move their attention from…

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Persuasive Presentation

3 Pitching Lessons from Shark Tank

School holidays are great. I get to spend more time with the kids and the after school activities wind down. As a result I was able to sit down and enjoy Shark Tank this week. It’s fascinating to see the different styles of pitch that the business owners deliver in the hope of securing an…

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Habits of Power presenters and sales people

7 Habits of Powerful Presenters and Sales People

There are speakers who can captivate an audience and influence their thinking and sell their ideas effortlessly. What are the key differences that separate them from an ineffective speaker? Below are seven habits that distinguish a powerful and influential presenter. Focus on the Audience To influence an audience a powerful presenter knows their attention and…

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Influence and Persuasion

Instantly Make your Presentation More Persuasive

My American speech coaching colleague, Craig Valentine, accurately says “when you are in speaking you are in sales”. No matter what your role, and regardless of whether you are simply informing your audience and sharing your expertise or you are actively and consciously attempting to persuade them you need to use language that will influence…

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