Improve your Voice

How to improve your voice quality when speaking

When it comes to influencing, your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have available in your toolbox to influence and changes people’s thinking when they listen to your speech. In this article I’m going to share with you seven techniques that will help you improve your voice quality, enhance your vocal delivery,…

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How to produce authority content

How to start producing Authority Content

For many there is a mental or process block that inhibits them from starting to create and publish authority content. From the initial thoughts of “what should I write about?” to “Is this content good enough?” the voice inside our heads can sow the seeds of doubt. Preventing us from publishing our expertise. In this video…

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Increase your influence

How to move from information provider to audience influencer when you pitch

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three levels

Three Levels of Public Speaker – Which level are you?

David Brooks, a Toastmasters World Champion, first described these levels to me over a coffee several years ago. I like them because they provide the high level markers of our development and provide the rights aspirational targets someone wanting to know how to improve their public speaking skills. There are no false indicators created around…

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The Recipe for a great speech

Watching Masterchef on Monday night the contestants were asked to cook a really spectacular dessert called the Passion Flower. Aside from simply looking spectacular the dish has a theatre about it in that the petals that make the outside of the dish open when the white chocolate sauce is poured into the bowl. When the contestants…

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Are you expressing the right sentiment?

In the cyber world there is the constant challenge of ensuring the words on the screen are read with the right emotion or intent behind them. We know that any word typed in ALL CAPTIALS is communicated as though the writer is shouting at the reader. But that is only one emotion…

As speakers we are not constrained by the limitations of a screen. We are able to interact with our audiences and leverage our voice to change the meaning of a phrase simply by the way we speak it…

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Why making a connection matters

Before you can influence, you must connect with your audience. This has been proven in University studies. At Stanford University students were asked to pair off and discuss a class problem and come to an agreement. 55 percent of the pairings were able to come to an agreement. A second class was asked to do…

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