Overcome fear of public speaking

How to develop confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking

  In this short tip, I want to share with you five different ways that you can start to develop your confidence, and really kick your public speaking skills, your presentation skills into a new level. Now, how can you start to develop confidence when you are someone who is potential nervous and really afraid…

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Improve public speaking skills

What level of speaker are you?

    In today’s video, I really want to challenge you and ask you the question, which level of public speaker are you now? I see that there are three levels of public speaker you need to work through as you improve your public speaking skills. Level one speaker – focussed on themselves Level one,…

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Effective eye contact

How to make effective eye contact

  Today’s tip is all about making eye contact. Now, eye contact is a vital skill for you to master in communication because eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s how your audience, how the people you’re communicating with judge your veracity. In other words, are you telling the truth, can you be believed?…

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bad public speaking advice is hurting you

Why the Public Speaking advice you’ve been given might be holding you back

Family, friends, and colleagues may have shared with you some public speaking advice. Its well intentioned but, often, misguided. The poor advice that they are giving you is actually hurting your development and stopping you from achieving the results you want. In this episode of the Trusted Influencer show I share some of the worst public speaking advice I heard and why its so detrimental to your development. Check out the episode below….

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Do you have the perfect recipe?

Is there such a thing as the perfect recipe for a speech? Based upon my nine year old daughters last night I don’t believe there is…. Let me explain. It was my 15th wedding anniversary yesterday. I say mine – but obviously there are two of us in the relationship…. But my wife describes our…

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