Improve public speaking skills

What level of speaker are you?

    In today’s video, I really want to challenge you and ask you the question, which level of public speaker are you now? I see that there are three levels of public speaker you need to work through as you improve your public speaking skills. Level one speaker – focussed on themselves Level one,…

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7 Tips to Build a Connection with any Audience

Before you can convince someone, before you can persuade someone, before you can influence someone with your presentation to accept your ideas, your initiatives, you’ve got to first build a connection with them. In this article I will show you seven different ways that you can use to build a connection with your audience when…

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Three Techniques to stand out from the competition when you speak

Whether you like it or not you are competing with many factors to get the attention of the people you want to reach and influence. From the events occurring in their lives, the simple distractions (like their phones), through to your competitors there are many distractions that will keep the attention of your audience away…

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three levels

Three Levels of Public Speaker – Which level are you?

David Brooks, a Toastmasters World Champion, first described these levels to me over a coffee several years ago. I like them because they provide the high level markers of our development and provide the rights aspirational targets someone wanting to know how to improve their public speaking skills. There are no false indicators created around…

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips

25 Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking is a skill that can be developed and mastered over time. The 25 tips below will help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills sooner. They will enable you to concentrate your efforts in the right areas to ensure your skills and confidence grow in the shortest time possible.   1.      Know…

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Are you completing the right tasks on your to-do list?

I have just finished listening to a thoughtful podcast. I regularly listen to the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. It’s an inspiring and uplifting podcast for any small business owner or entrepreneur.   On todays episode John Lee Dumas was interviewing Rory Vaden. I know of Rory as he won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public…

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Technical Presentations Audience

The Power of Consistency when Speaking

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present a workshop on how to make technical presentations interesting for the audience and the speaker last weekend. It was a great session, and I received lots of positive feedback – which is always nice. However, at the end of the Q&A period I received a slightly…

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How to Give feedback – so it has a positive impact!

I know plenty of people who are prepared to share their “thoughts” and “opinions”. Not many of them know how to provide their counsel in a constructive way. They often wonder why their feedback doesn’t have the desired impact. And, in many cases, the result is the direct opposite of what they expected or wanted…

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Man after making mistake

Top 10 Public Speaking mistakes in 2014 (and how to avoid them in 2015!)

Over the last twelve months many, many presentations have been delivered. Most of them were disappointing for audiences. All of them could have easily improved if the presenter had avoided making some simple mistakes. In most cases the presenter was oblivious to the mistakes. After reviewing the list below you will know what the mistakes…

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Why you should use Stories in your Presentations

Almost all the presentations delivered in the corporate world are dull and boring. As a result they fail to inspire or persuade the audience to purchase the product/service on offer or modify their behaviour. This is something that can be easily rectified by the presenter.

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