Selling through a webinar

What webinar platform should you use?

I’ve received a number of queries this week asking me what webinar platform I think someone should use… Now I’ve tried a few, and changed for a variety of reasons. You can find out which platforms I’ve used, why I switched, and what criteria you should use when reviewing webinar platforms in this video.  

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Successful Webinar Steps

Three Pillars of a Successful Webinar to Maximise your Profits

Webinars are hot right now. Webinars are a great marketing tool for any business – no matter what you do or what size your business is… To get a positive result from webinars there are three crucial steps that must be followed and respected to ensure you conduct a successful webinar that will increase your…

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The Six Webinar Roles you need to fill

As a small business owners we wear many hats on a daily basis. It is natural that we look for ways to simplify our marketing. Webinars are a FANTASTIC way to provide flexibility and scale to our marketing efforts. But, as with anything worthwhile in life,  there are some things you need to consider when planning…

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5 Webinar Registration Page Best Practices

An effective webinar strategy consists of three parts. Attraction, Delivery, and Follow Up. In this article we will discuss the best practices for your webinar registration page so you can maximise the conversion of the visitors you get to land on your page to registered attendees – a vital part of the attraction phase. Your…

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What tools do you need in your Webinar toolbox?

To conduct a successful and dynamic webinar there are several pieces of equipment you will need. Some you may already have. And others you may need to purchase or upgrade.   Reliable Laptop and Internet Connection It goes without saying that to conduct any online event you will need a reliable computer and Internet connection.…

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