How to know your audience

Know your Audience – 3 Essential Questions you need to answer

The key to succeeding and delivering a great presentation is to know your audience. The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to deliver a presentation which will persuade and influence your audience. In this article, I’m going to share with you the three things that you need to focus on so that you…

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7 Tips to Build a Connection with any Audience

Before you can convince someone, before you can persuade someone, before you can influence someone with your presentation to accept your ideas, your initiatives, you’ve got to first build a connection with them. In this article I will show you seven different ways that you can use to build a connection with your audience when…

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How to build a deeper connection with your audience

The key to successfully presenting and selling ideas to your audience is to build a connection with them. There are several ways that this can be achieved, and I discuss them in this video.  

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How to Present Bad News

Why the Myth of speaking to a Naked Audience is so wrong!

One of the greatest public speaking myths perpetuated is to imagine your audience naked – this will help reduce any nervousness you might have as a speaker. What a load of malarkey!! Why anyone would want to believe that this would help them prepare and deliver a great presentation is beyond me. Let’s look at…

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips

25 Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking is a skill that can be developed and mastered over time. The 25 tips below will help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills sooner. They will enable you to concentrate your efforts in the right areas to ensure your skills and confidence grow in the shortest time possible.   1.      Know…

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Playing to a Live Audience

The Value of Performing on a Real Stage

Wednesday night was one of the highlight evenings at my children’s school. It was their Peripatetic Concert evening. It is an opportunity for all of the kids learning musical instruments to perform in front of an audience. It is a wonderful evening where the parents are spoilt with inspiring performance (and the occasional missed note).…

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What a flat tire taught me about business

I had a frustrating start to the week if I’m totally honest. It followed a very busy weekend where I didn’t get to all the “chores” that I needed to. One of those chores I was supposed to get too was the front tire on my car. But rather than do the boring chores I…

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Engage your audiences at a deeper level (with their biggest distraction)

Engaging audiences and maintaining their interest in a presentation is the hardest it has ever been. Presenters have a myriad of distractions they must outwit to maintain the undivided attention of the people they are talking too. Most of the distractions are embedded in a single device – the phone! Thanks to the smart phone…

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Are you Squeezing your Speeches?

How long should my speech be? How many words should I have? What information should I cover? These are common questions that need to be answered when you start the process of writing your speech. Sadly, most speakers’ get the answers wrong – particularly to the last question.   Often, when a speaker, doesn’t know…

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Why making a connection matters

Before you can influence, you must connect with your audience. This has been proven in University studies. At Stanford University students were asked to pair off and discuss a class problem and come to an agreement. 55 percent of the pairings were able to come to an agreement. A second class was asked to do…

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