Successful Public Speaking

Prepare and Deliver GREAT speeches and Presentations

What do I need to attend the workshop?

  • Internet enabled device (Laptop, PC, tablet)
  • Web Camera and Microphone
  • A quiet room so you an participate in the workshop

Why you should attend this online workshop:

  • Deliver your speech and recieve immediate feedback and coaching
  • Identify why you feel nervous and how to manage your nerves
  • Learn the processes used by the best speakers to prepare their speeches
  • Know and apply the techniques to make a great first impression
  • Select the appropriate speech structure to meet the aim of the speech
  • Learn and Practise vocal delivery techniques to enhance your message
  • Learn the techniques for making appropriate eye contact
  • Plus more...

Who should attend this online workshop:

Anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome the fears associated with public speaking. Business professionals will gain the skills to clearly and effectively present materials to teams, organizations, or public groups.