What a flat tire taught me about business

I had a frustrating start to the week if I’m totally honest. It followed a very busy weekend where I didn’t get to all the “chores” that I needed to. One of those chores I was supposed to get too was the front tire on my car. But rather than do the boring chores I spent the weekend enjoying myself at two separate parties. And, in the spirit of total honesty – I’ve been avoiding this chore for a couple of weeks.


The tire had been going flat for a little while. And I had planned to check it and put some more air into it on the weekend. On Monday morning I paid the price for not getting the “boring stuff” done.


I was driving my daughter school, and as we were travelling down the main road there was a “thud” sound and the car became a bit more challenging to drive. I knew exactly what it was – my problem tire that I’d ignored on the weekend had gone flat. Well, it hadn’t just gone flat it had actually burst.


Lesson 1: Don’t ignore the “boring” tasks thinking the will never become a problem


So, my daughter Alexis and I, found ourselves standing on the side of the main road – not able to complete the journey to school. She was very keen to get to school on time as she had an excursion (and definitely didn’t want to miss the bus and spend the day in the classroom whilst her friends were off having a fun excursion!).


Fortunately, Alexis standing in her school uniform acted like a beacon. And within just a few short minutes, before I could call the wife to come and pick her up to finish the journey to school, another parent from the school stopped and asked if they could help out and give her a lift and drop her off.


I hadn’t called, nor expected, another parent to stop but there was a support network ready to assist when you needed!


Lesson 2: There is a network of people available to help you when it is clear what you need.


Even after Alexis was dropped at school other parents and friends seeing (just me) on the side of the road called my mobile or pulled over to see if they could offer me help. A school bus driver from the “Good Az Gold” bus company was heading out to the school (ironically to take my daughter and her classmates on the excursion) had even seen the both of us on the side of the road. He went around the block to see if we needed assistance to get Alexis to school. I remember school bus drivers as being surly and miserable – but this driver was really kind and considerate. It really blew my mind that he would go out of his way to help.


Lesson 3: Never underestimate the value of creating connections and building friendships. People will only help other people if they like them. Your business connections are no different.


I called for help, and after about an hour or so the NRMA man arrived. He changed the tire and I was able to get on my way again.


Lesson 4: Always have a trusted expert/mentor you can call upon to get you out of sticky situations


I was slightly delayed, but full of admiration and thanks for the people who either stopped or called me to help. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little story. There is a lesson or message you can use in everything that happens in your life that will benefit your clients. Like I have done here!


Lesson 5: Find the stories and anecdotes in your experience that you can use to make your pitches more interesting.

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