Successful Webinar Steps

Three Pillars of a Successful Webinar to Maximise your Profits

Webinars are hot right now. Webinars are a great marketing tool for any business – no matter what you do or what size your business is…

To get a positive result from webinars there are three crucial steps that must be followed and respected to ensure you conduct a successful webinar that will increase your profits.

The three pillars are

  1. Get people to signup
  2. Get them to show up and engage
  3. Get them to take the next step


Get People to Sign Up for your Webinar

The first key to success is to get people to register for your webinar. Without registrations – the next steps are pointless!! To get people to register, even for a free webinar, there are a three thins you need to consider.

  • Right topic for the right audience

Finding the right topic, or the right angle on a particular subject is crucial. As business owners there may be topics that we want to speak about because we can have the greatest impact on the lives of our clients. However if it is not an area where they feel a significant pain then a webinar on that topic will not motivate them sufficiently to listen to you. Rather you need to identify their areas of interest (aka pain) and deliver a webinar on those areas instead.

  • Promotion (online & offline)

Once you have the perfect webinar topic you need to promote the webinar. You can, and should, use both online and offline strategies (just because the event is online – it doesn’t mean you can not include some good old fashioned “offline” marketing tactics).

Online you can leverage your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn connections, and your existing email list. The latter is especially powerful – they already know and trust you. Why not ask them to forward the invite to others who may be interested in listening to your webinar?

If you have trusted partners who will promote for you – why not ask them to mail their database too?


Offline can prove to be a fruitful marketing avenue. When you meet new contacts you can invite them to join the webinar as a “sampler” of your expertise.


  • Registration Page

Your registration page is the key. After expending the energy to identify a topic that will get your potential clients salivating to attend, you invest time and money to promote your event only to send potential registrations to a poor registration page.

There is a reason tools such as LeadPages exist. They invest time and money so the pages you send registration to convert as much as possible. If you don’t want to use a tool like LeadPages you can create your own registration pages – just ensure that it follows the best practices outlined here


Get them to show up and engage

The second pillar of a successful webinar is to get those that have registered to attend the event. It is foolish to think that everyone who has registered for your event will actually attend. Plan for a 50% attendance rate. I.e. If 100 people register you will likely have 50 people attend the webinar live, and likely only 25 will stay until the end of the event. This is not a hard and fast rule and the steps below can influence that ratio if you do them well.


Emails before and after the webinar

Whilst your webinar might be of the upmost importance to you it is likely not the highest priority item to your clients. Sorry if that shocks you!!

However, you can encourage and motivate their attendance with well timed and well written reminder emails. At a minimum I like to send reminder emails 24 hours before the start, 6 hours before the event will start, and 30 minutes before. Each of the emails will contain the benefits of attending and the link to access the event. This reminds them why they signed up and provides easy access to get on the webinar.


Engage as they arrive

As your eager audience arrives you need to reassure them that they are in the right place and that there are no technical issues (i.e. no sound!!). Relieving this tension also provides an opportunity to establish some rapport. By simply welcoming them by name and asking them to pop a comment into the comments box achieves two purposes. It reinforces that they are in the right webinar room and gets them engaged and interacting with you (meaning they are less likely to drop off during the event).


Engage during

In a similar vein you need to be constantly engaging your audience during the webinar. The “old style” webinar where the presenter would display a text heavy PowerPoint presentation is not suitable today. We are constantly competing for the attention of our audience. As you prepare and deliver your webinar consider how you will keep audiences engaged at three levels.

  • Engage their eyes with appealing visuals on the PowerPoint Slides and with your face on camera
  • Engage their ears with compelling content and fascinating vocal delivery.
  • Engage their fingers with activities such as polls and typing answers to question you pose to them


Get them to take the next step

With the effort invested to get the audience to register and engage for the duration of your event the likelihood that they will take the next step is greatly increased. But, there are still some key elements you need to consider. As you prepare your webinar and deliver it you need to clear on the next step you want the audience member to take? This will impact how you prepare and deliver your content. Is the event simply informational to position you as the expert? Is it to sell a product or service? Whatever your next step is you will want to be clear on what it is and how they will access it.

If you have a dedicated sales page for your next step how will you direct them there? Can they simply request access through the comments area of the webinar tool you are using? Consider this before you have a live audience watching your webinar.

Be clear on what you want them to do next and how they will be able to “claim it”.


Webinars can be hugely successful for any business. No matter their size or type. There is a webinar model and the tooling that will suit almost any business today. For a webinar to be massively successful the basic pillars of success need to be respected and followed. When they are you will enjoy the experience and your business will enjoy more success as a result.


About The Author

Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.