The Webinar on how to run Live Webinars

Check out the Live webinar I did with Ed Zia from Excellence Above. Together we shared our experiences utilising Live Webinars and how small business owners can use them to massively grow their business.

One of the reasons I love webinars are that they are so cost effective and they allow you to promote your expertise from the comfort of home. Live seminars are great, but they require a significant investment of time and money to be successful. With a webinar for much less money you can reach the same audience – all while sitting at home in your shorts and t-shirt.

As you watch the replay you’ll see that there the technical barriers are lowering each day – and you can run a professional webinar with a minimal amount of equipment.



Have you checked out the Dynamic Speaking Library? Included in the courses available to members the Webinars that Wow course. An in depth tutorial that guides you through the steps so you can have your own successful live webinar in four short weeks!


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