The Power of Consistency

We all know we can get a better burger at the local chicken shop than what is served up to at our local McDonalds. Most of us can cook a way better burger. So, why do we still head to our local Maccas when we want a quick and easy feed? Several reasons (and those us with young children will know the hypnotic effect of the plastic toys in a happy meal), but primarily its about consistency. We know exactly what we are going to get EVERY time we receive our burger and fries.


Recently I have had some experience with consistency myself, or in some cases inconsistency….


Within a week my family had two occasions where we had to call the Dr at Home service that sends out a GP to your home after hours. My son had the flu and with the combination of the smoke enveloping Sydney from the back burning his asthma was playing up. We called the Dr at home service early on the Saturday evening… By 11:30pm the doctor had still not arrived, so we called back to get an understanding of when the doctor might arrive. We were told that the doctor had gone home sick, and we would not see a doctor that evening… Hmmmm


Last Thursday Ethan again was unwell. This time coming home from school with an ear ache. Again we called the doctor at home service. Again we waited. And, at 1:30am we get a call from the “head office” to say that the doctor was cancelling all his appointments as his car had broken down. Hmmm


On two occasions we got poor service. The Doctor at home service was consistent – in not turning up!!


What do your clients perceive you as being consistent in?


Consistency plays a MASSIVE role in how the market assesses you. Recently I caught up with Alison Bentley from Integrity and Values at a NSW Chamber Networking event. She commented on the success I have been enjoying recently – based upon the regularity and consistency of my email newsletter. The key for you is to look at your marketing and promotion efforts and commit to a consistent schedule. Some weeks I find it harder than others to get the email newsletter prepared, but it ALWAYS gets distributed every Friday without fail.


What can you commit to on a regular basis?


There is one other consistency lesson that you can apply that will help you get more sales. And that is to have consistency in your sales pitch. What exactly do I mean?


Firstly your message and the key points you use to prove your premise or message must be consistent and in alignment. If they are not you will confuse your clients, and a confused mind will not buy what you are offering. You must also look to reinforce the main points and ideas throughout your pitch. This can be achieved by restating the ideas or points throughout the presentation.

Consistency in your sales pitch will help you develop a more effective and powerful sales message.


Your ability to be consistent in your message, your contact with clients, and the ways that you deliver your products and service will determine, to a large extent, your success in business. Examine everything you do and decide if there is a way that it can be improved and made more consistent. Your clients will reward you for it.

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Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.