How to be seen as an authority in your field

Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re in a corporate career. It’s really important that you are recognised as an authority. Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re in a corporate career. It’s really important that you are recognised as an authority.


When you are seen as an authority – You stand out!

You need to stand out in a marketplace and trusted authorities are recognised leaders who stand out. They are the ones that people gravitate to at events, they’re the ones that companies gravitate to in terms of employment and they’re the ones that customers and clients gravitate to when they’re looking to get their problems solved. It’s the easy way for you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

More media attention = more opportunities to be seen as an authority

As a result, when you’re the trusted authority, you get media attention. Now, this is then becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. Because you’re getting media attention, you stand out even more and it helps you boost your reputation and boost, ultimately, boost your income, which you’ll see as we cover it a little bit later on. With getting more media attention, with standing out, you get to work with better partners. Those can be from both a corporate point of view and from a small business and from a sales point of view. You get to work with much better joint venture partners because you’re recognised as being an authority, you’re recognised as being someone who is an expert.

Work with better companies and partners

Because of that, you have better clients and better partners who want to work with you. Again, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle. You get to work with better people because you are the authority. Ultimately, it summarises to this: you become the prize! Your client and employers want to work with you because you are recognised as being the best. You are seen as being someone who knows your field. You’re recognised as being someone who is recognised as the great, who has the great reputation.

When you are seen as an authority you are a Prize!

As a result, people want to work with you. In other words, you no longer have to start chasing clients, you don’t have to chase employment opportunities, they come to you. People come to you and say, “We want to work with you.” Guess what happens? When that happens, you get to set the fees. When you’re recognised as the trusted expert, when you’re recognised as being number one in your field, your income is no longer restrained by anybody else that’s ahead of you.

Authority = Set you own fees and income!

Think about this. If you’re in position number two, if you’re recognised as being number two in the market, the only way that you can … Your income is going to be set by however much the number one person is charging. It’s just simple law of economics, that people won’t pay more for someone who’s recognised as being number two than what they would have to pay to get person number one. If you’re person number one, guess what? The sky is the limit. You can set your fees. You set your fees. You set how much you want to get paid to do your job. That’s the pure beauty and simplicity of being the trusted expert.How can you been seen as an authority?


The question is, how can you been seen as the expert and authority in your field? There’s a couple of techniques…

Have a perfect Pitch

Firstly, you’ve got to have the perfect pitch. You’ve got to be able to show that you can articulate your value, articulate what it is you do and break it down into a way that can be understood and the value is recognised by the people who you want to impress. In other words, your clients, your potential employers. That’s first, you’ve got to have a perfect pitch.

Produce Authority positioning content

Secondly, you’ve got to be producing great authority content. Now, that can be in the form of articles, it can be in the form of videos, it can be in the form of podcasts. In other words, you need to be sharing your brilliance, sharing your expertise so that people get to see that, get to read that, get to ingest it in some way, shape or form so they can understand that you know your content, you know your field and that you have that expertise behind you.

Ultimately, it’s important you recognise that one article isn’t enough. You got to be producing content on a regular basis. Sitting around and just producing one article, expecting that to get you to top position in your field isn’t going to be sufficient. Your content, however, needs to be setting the agenda. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit controversial, don’t be afraid to set out your opinion that can be contrary to everyone else in the marketplace. That’s okay. That will get you seen, get you read, get your thoughts into the minds of your clients. Don’t be afraid to set the agenda when it comes to producing your content.

Then, you’ve got to promote it. You’ve got to get it out there, get it seen. There’s a couple of different ways that you can get your content promoted but ultimately, whether it’s through advertising, whether it’s through organic reach, through social media and through just sharing in a variety of different forms, you need to get it out there. Ultimately, trusted authorities have mastered this aspect. They’ve mastered social media. You need to find the social media platform that’s right for you.

Be seen as an authority on social media

To be seen as an authority you need to be active on social media This is a balancing act. You need to find that social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, where your clients are hanging out, but also you’ve got to balance it with your enjoyment of the platform because you need to ultimately be on there on a regular and active basis. Picking a platform that you don’t enjoy is going to create a lot of hard work for you. Find that balancing act between where your clients are and the social media platform that you like but you need to master it and be seen and be heard on there. Comment in groups, participate in that social media platform and share your content. Ultimately, it’s all about driving attention to you and to your content.


Consistently Communicate with your marketplace

Coupled with that, you need to have a consistent outreach. That goes back to your social media platforms. In other words, regularly participating in social media, but also, you’re looking at putting out a regular e-mail newsletter so that you have a consistent outreach to your ideal market so people that want to hang out with you, your tribe, they are getting content from you, they’re hearing from you on a regular basis. Now, consistent can be weekly, can be fortnightly, can be monthly. Preference is minimum fortnightly but whatever suits you, it needs to be consistent.

To be seen as an authority you need to network

Then, you’ve got to build in a networking strategy as well. In other words, get out there and actually meet and press the flesh, meet people on a regular basis. Again, you’re building up your reputation, you’re getting seen, you’re getting recognised in your marketplace. Getting the opportunity to associate with other successful people, you get to build a following. Greatly, you get to find joint venture partners. This is how to get things going, identify those perfect joint venture partners, you get referrals, all of this comes together so that you can ultimately start to speak and sell from the stage.

Master speaking and selling ideas from the stage

This is the important aspect that you need to understand when becoming the trusted authority and recognised authority in the marketplace. You need to master speaking and selling on the stage so that you can share your expertise, share your story, share your value and people buy into you in a much bigger way. Networking, for example, is one-to-one, generally. Sharing your expertise and story onstage means that you can speak one-to-many and that’s the power of leverage. Utilise it to your advantage. Now, where can you speak? You can speak at other people’s events, you can create your own events or you can create your events online. Ultimately, all of these come together to help you become the trusted authority in the marketplace.

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