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Bus ad’s seem to be catching my attention at the moment (see last weeks article “Transform your presentation with remarkable messages”). Maybe I’ve consciously become more aware of them, or they have improved and are becoming more effective. Well, most are effective; the ad I noticed earlier this week was memorable for the right reasons and for a glaring mistake! There’s a great lesson from the ad that I saw – and it will help you improve your sales presentations.


Walking from the train station back to the car a bus pulled up beside me to allow passengers off. On the side of the bus was an ad with a big picture of a glorious cake. It was a big multi layer cake with fruit and plenty of cream. Very decadent!  There was a single caption above the cake “Irresistible?”.


It had my attention, and after a long day that ad spoke directly to me (let’s ignore that I was heading off to the gym J).  I looked for the a name of the cake shop, a website, or any details I could use to find out more about the cake shop.


There weren’t any details! Huh???


What good is an ad if people can’t contact you to follow up? Major mistake.


Sadly, I spent so long looking for the contact details the bus pulled away before I could snap a picture of the ad. If I see it again I’ll grab a picture and add it to this blog. Below is a picture of a “good ad”. What is most striking is that it clearly states what to do next if you’re interested.




How does this apply to public speaking and your sales presentations?


Make sure you have a clear call to action in the conclusion of your presentation!


Yes, you need to invest time in crafting an attention grabbing opening.  Like the picture of the cake you need to capture the interest and attention of your audience.


Yes, you need to have the right message (think “Irresistible?”).


But, if you don’t clearly tell your audience what to do next your presentation won’t achieve the results you want. To your audience your presentation is similar to the advertisement on the side of the bus. The presentation needs to get their attention, share a message, and provide a clear call to action/next step in a short space of time. Your audience only hears your presentation once, and if you are not clear they will move on (sorta like a bus – there’s anther one just around the corner).


To get the most from your presentations know what you want  your audience to do after you have finished speaking, and ASK them to do it.  There’s nothing wrong with asking them for the order, to invest in your project, or for another meeting (whatever your next step is). But, you must ask them! It can be the most confronting part of the presentation, however if you’re genuinely wanting to help your clients the natural next step is to invest into your solution to solve their problem.


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