How the Logies can help you increase your influence


I don’t normally pay attention to the Logies or any awards ceremonies for that matter – especially the Oscars! Really who cares? But a story from the Logies ceremony did catch my eye. And there’s a nice lesson in the story that can help you improve your ability to influence your clients and colleagues.


Do you remember the Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook “incident” earlier in the year? You can check out the video below – it revolves around the fact that all three ladies are wearing white. And, whilst I think Amber has a valid point – her method of delivering the message is far from ideal. Especially with a camera rolling… The lesson – be careful how you craft a message and only deliver it if you are comfortable with anybody hearing it! Have you ever said something about clients or competitors that you would be uncomfortable becoming public?


Roll forward a couple of months to the red carpet at the Logies ceremony where there is an excessive fascination on the dresses the ladies are wearing. Amber, to her credit, walks down the red carpet wearing a white dress. And, when reporters ask her the inevitable question – she owns it with a response to the question about the colour of the dress with “I had to, right? I couldn’t shy away from it.”


The lesson – address the elephants in the room. Amber knew that someone would ask her about “that incident”. By addressing it herself Amber took away any negative impact and endears herself to the public (who are her customers after all). When you are speaking with clients make sure you address the elephants (or unspoken issues) in the room.


Another side effect of Amber wearing a white dress and “owing the colour” was that she showed she has a sense of humour. Fortunate, as comedian Peter Helliar did exploit the story for his benefit on the night.


Amber was able to laugh and smile through a segment mocking her meltdown from earlier in the year. If she hadn’t she would have given the appearance of being a “Prima Dona” and it would have alienated her to her customers – the viewing public.

Source: Channel 9

The lessons for you to heed – smile when things go wrong and find a way to laugh about it (and if you can make others smile) you’ll end up winning.


In January, when the video leaked, it looked like a public relations disaster for Amber Sherlock. But following the Logies ceremony Amber has been able to turn the story into a positive one for her. If you take heed of the lessons that this story illustrates you will be able to build a deeper relationship your clients and colleagues and as a result exert greater influence over them!


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