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Is Public Speaking a good marketing strategy?

I was talking with a friend, Tanya, at a networking event last week. She shared with me her some of the successes she’s had over the last couple of months.

Several months ago she approached me about potentially helping her with a presentation she was delivering at a sales conference. Ultimately we didn’t get the opportunity to work together because the conference organisers already had a coach pre booked to assist all the presenters at the conference.


Tanya delivered her presentation at the conference, and as a result has had a full pipeline of work… And, at times, too much work! What a nice problem for any small business owner to have.


Tanya’s story highlights the value of speaking as a great marketing strategy for any business – large or small.


Speaking at events is so powerful because it positions you as an expert who understands the problems faced by the audience, you have a solution, and you establish trust in an environment where your competitors can’t get on your stage. How formidable is that!


It goes without saying that you need to do a good job with your presentation. But, if you deliver a content packed presentation you can sell yourself, sell you products/services, and sell your brand without ever having to “sell”.


Once you decide that this is a marketing strategy for you the challenge is finding events where you can put yourself in front of an audience.


Some places you should be looking are:

Industry Associations

Many industries have one or more associations. These associations have local and national chapters that meet regularly. As part of their regular meetings they often look for interesting and informative speakers to provide value to their members – creating a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise and value.


Networking Events

Many networking events and organisations, such as Chambers of Commerce, have space in their events for someone to deliver a presentation that will benefit those attending. They may or may not be “reserved” for members of the organisation hosting the event, but it does no harm to simply ask the question. The time available might not be long, but it is enough to present your expertise and establish a presence in the minds of those attending.


Meetup Groups

Similar to formal networking events, there are many less structured events that are advertised on platforms such as Meetup. They are craving good speakers to deliver value to those attending.



Webinars provide a great, low cost vehicle, for you to present yourself and demonstrate your expertise to the world. And, with the changes in the webinar technology today you can present yourself on camera (rather than hiding behind a PowerPoint presentation), making the experience as close to a real life presentation as it can be for your audience.


Create your own events

If you can’t find a networking event or Meetup group that matches your target market – why not put on your own event? For a small outlay you can organise a venue and some simple catering to host your event. From there you only need to market it to get people in the room. This provides you not only a stage to build your expertise, but thanks from a grateful audience who have opportunity to network with other audience members whom they would not otherwise have met.


Joint Ventures

With each of the tactics described above you have the opportunity to “go it alone” or partner with a complimentary business. For example a tax accountant and tax lawyer can present a combined session outlining recent tax changes for small business…. Their target market is the same, but by partnering they halve the costs and broaden the potential appeal of the webinar or in person event.


All of the tactics above can build or solidify your position in the minds of the audience as the “Number 1 expert” in the market. As in Tanya’s case it can create a pipeline of work that will outstrip your other marketing efforts. Often, for no or low-cost. Provided you deliver value and genuine content audiences will respond with respect and your reputation (and bank balance) will be compensated accordingly.

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Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.