How to sell your Product or Services to anyone

How can you make your offer more appealing? In many cases there is no need to add additional feature to your product or service to make it more appealing. It comes down to how you communicate the benefits of using your products or services to potential clients. When you show them that their life will be better with your products than without it they will open their wallets and buy from you.


Well sort of… It takes careful thought to craft a pitch that will speak to potential clients and communicate the benefits to them…In a webinar presentation or in an in person pitch – how can you communicate effectively to those listening? By touching on the key motivators that people have.


Your audience will respond to one or more of the “motivators” below.


Boost their Ego

In sharing your product and service offering you will want to share how your offering will boost their ego. Play into their desire to be liked, to be seen as successful, to be important. For example, an accountant could include a phrase in their pitch that says “by working with ABC accountants you will be joining an accountancy that all the successful local business rely upon to get the best advice”. Playing into a potentials client to associate with the premium business in the local area.


Achieve more

The second motivator that you need to appeal to the desire your clients have to achieve more. During your presentation use phrases and language that will paint a picture of how using your product or service will allow them to achieve more in their life, business, or whatever context your product/service is used.


Attain Extra

This is almost a bi-product of achieving more – but almost different. Some people are motivated by the things they can attain – in a personal or business setting. It might be the additional clients, the new car, the corner office… Whatever the object of their desire; show them through examples, language, and imagery what the can realistically attain when they invest in and use your product or services.


Be Happier

Often the most neglected, but surely the most important motivator to highlight is to shine the spotlight on how your product or service will make them happier. It could be that your product will help them have more satisfied clients, or more motivated employees, to freeing up their precious time so they can spend it with their family. Show them and describe to your audience how they will be happier by investing in your offer.


Individually audience members will resonate with one or two of the motivators above. In a group setting you will find a broad cross section of people, and to maximise your success you will need to touch on all four motivators. It can be a single sentence highlighting each motivator sprinkled throughout the pitch.

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Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.