How to become the authority in your marketplace

When someone asks who is the expert in self development the first name that comes to mind is Tony Robbins, when you think of mortgages in Australia you think of John Symonds, and when some asks who the expert is in your market place what name comes to mind? Is it yours? Or is it a competitor?


There’s a very simple formula to become recognised as the expert in your marketplace. It requires hard work, but it doesn’t require extra special talent or expertise. In other words anybody can become the expert. In other words there is nothing stopping your competitors from positioning themselves as the expert – except one thing…. You!


That’s right, only you can prevent your competitors from becoming the number one recognised expert! How? By ensuring that you are perceived by your clients and your marketplace as THE expert in your field. And, in this article you’ll find the recipe to position yourself as the number one expert in the mind of your market.


There are three ingredients required…

  • Visability
  • Value
  • Personality



The first step to get recognised as an expert in your market is to be viable to the marketplace. This almost goes withut saying, but it is the element most often neglected! Why? Because we assume expertise is 100% associated with knowledge. It isn’t!

This isn’t to say knowledge is not important – because it is! But knowledge alone will not get you recognised as an expert. You must share your knowledge so people can see what you know. There are a variety of mechanisms for you to demonstrate your expertise. It could be via publishing white papers, writing articles for publications, or speaking at events (online or in-person). Whatever method you choose you need to get your name out there so the important people in your market start to hear it mentioned!


N.B. This can be slow at the beginning, but a speech to a small audience leads to a presentation at a major conference that an industry publication is covering – leading to an invitation to write a regular column. Don’t wait for the invitation to write for a nationwide publication. Start anywhere to get your name out there and take EVERY opportunity to write articles, speak, or deliver webinars!



Coupled with visability is Value! Value mans sharing useful content that your marketplace can use. There is a real fear factor involved here. Many experts are worried that if they share what they know there is no reason for clients to engage their services. In other words if they give something away for free how will they ever get paid.


Lets turn this around… When you are speaking to a coach or consultant who is looking to sell you their services. If they don’t demonstrate that they “know their stuff” would you pay them? This applies to any product or service – but especially so for coaches and consultants. If you hide anything your potential clients are going to wonder why… And they won’t trust you. Your market will engage you and pay you for your knowledge and the help, which only you can provide, to implement that knowledge.


In your white papers, speeches, and webinars you must share practical and meaningful content. The content must be of such value that the readers or audience members could use or implement themselves. Those that do utilise your knowledge without paying for your services were never likely to pay you anyway… And, those who will pay you want to know you’ve got the expertise to help them get the results quicker than they could ever achieve without you.



The third ingredient that will help you get recognised and REMEMBERED as the expert in your marketplace is your own style and personality. Whatever that it is… Be true to it. The worst action you can take is to try and be someone or something you aren’t. Your readers or audience members will sense it a mile away. And, as a result, they will not connect with you – even if what you say is correct and useful. Use your voice and your style to deliver the information… It might deter a few from connecting with you, but you will attract your own audience who will be loyal and vocal supporters of you and your reputation.


And, importantly, it’s more enjoyable… It’s hard work maintaining a persona and presence trying to be something you’re not. Rather be yourself and have fun as you rise to the top in your market place.


There is no easy road to become the recognised expert. But it is achievable with effort when you get your name visable, deliver value, and inject your personality in the process. In most cases the investment is only time and effort… But the rewards are HUGE. When clients pick up the phone or enter a web address in their browser will it be yours or your competitors they reach out to first?

About The Author

Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.