Creating a win win win event

Creating a Win Win Win Event

On Sunday I had a great afternoon. We got to enjoy some glorious food and savour some really great wines (probably one or two more than we should have, but life is there to be lived right?). From our experience there are some great lessons that can be learned for any business…

Several months ago my wife, Diana and I had a weekend away in Adelaide and we visited the wineries in McLaren vale. One of the cellar doors we tasted at was Primo Estates. Their wines are awesome! During the tasting they added my contact details to their database so Diana and I could be informed of events, such as a pop up store in Sydney they were promoting.

Roll forward a couple of months and I receive a call on Thursday afternoon from Primo Estates looking to see if there’s anything they could do for me. On the call I enquired about the pop up store – wanting to know when it was happening. Turns out it the Sydney pop up store was happening this weekend! I’m glad I asked the question as I had not received any email newsletter.

Lesson 1: Don’t rely on one form of communication. Contact your clients using a variety of communication mechanisms

I quickly rounded up the family and booked ten us in for some wine tasting on the weekend.

Lesson 2: One satisfied customer knows plenty of other people who are similar, and who will also be potential customers.

The pop up store was conducted at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant in Rosebery. They have done a great job converting a former warehouse into a really great restaurant – complete with a fresh food garden. It really is very clever, and kudos to the owners for having the vision to do that. Our tasting was booked for 2pm. So, the natural choice was to have lunch before out tasting.

The meals were great! The kids meals had some of the nicest potatoes I have ever tasted. The meals were really high quality, and when the “simple” kids meal of Sausages and Potatoes impresses you – you’ve found a winning restaurant!

Prior to the call from Primo Estates I had never heard of the Three Blue Ducks. But they have got 10 new customers who will be back after our experience!

Lesson 3: Find a joint venture partnership where everyone can succeed and win!

Based upon the number of people in the restaurant and the sight of tables full of people tasting wines the weekend looked like a success for both Primo Estates and the Three Blue Ducks. By partnering both the Three Blue Ducks and Primo Estates have both reached new audiences they would not have otherwise reached and made money in the process!

Marketing and making money at the same time – I like that!

The challenge for you is – what events can you put on and who could you partner with that will enable you both to reach new audiences? Once you’ve created your event you need to market it and promote it through every communication channel available to find your clients who will support you and promote it to the people they know!

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