How to confidently sell your ideas using a proven technique

In this short article, I share with you a proven process that will enable to confidently sell and persuade business leaders and clients to buy your products/services or ideas.

What is this proven process to confidently sell? Let’s step through it right now.

Step 1: Be clear on the problem you are solving

Firstly, you have got to be clear on the problem you’re solving. When you want to influence, whether it’s a business leader or a client, you need to understand what the problem is and be able to articulate that clearly to your audience. Whether that’s again, a business leader, senior executive, your manager, or a client, you need to be able to talk to them and explain to them, and get them comfortable that you actually know exactly what the problem is that they’re facing.

Step 2: Demonstrate Credibility

As part of that process, you have got to demonstrate your credibility. Why are you the person that should be looking to solve that problem? Why are you there? In other words, can you demonstrate through the work that you’ve done through your past experience through the research, and just through your own general life experience, why you are the most credible person to be standing in front of them to then solve that problem.

Step 3: Articulate exactly what the problem is

You need to be able to clearly explain and articulate to them exactly what the problem is. Now the chances are that they know that there are pains and problems that they have. They know the results of those problems, whether it’s through lost income, degraded performance, whatever that problem is, you need to be able to articulate then, what is the problem? What is the exact problem that’s causing them to have those poor results and the results that they want to avoid. What is the pain that they want removed? What is the problem causing it? You need to be able to articulate that.

Step 4: Show them why it is important to solve this problem now

You need to be able to then explain to them quickly, succinctly, why it is important. Why is this relevant for them to solve? Because, there are a myriad of problems in business life, you can’t necessarily solve all of them in any given period of time. You need to be able to articulate to them why this particular problem that you have a solution for is most important for them to solve. This needs to be done in a way which is relevant to them.

Step 5: Make it relevant to your audience

What do I mean by relevant to your audience? This is about explaining and talking about benefits in terms of what the solution is going to provide them in measures that they care about. A business executive, for example, has far different measures and concerns, they’re generally more financial, more number based, than a middle manager. A middle manager in an organisation might be concerned about staff morale and staff performance. Whereas a senior executive is concerned about the effect on the bottom-line results. In other words, how will this help them increase profits or reduce their costs? These are different focus areas. Consider at a business owner. A business owner is primarily look at trying to increase their customer base, increase their revenue. How will what you’re proposing and asking them to invest in help them solve that problem so that they can get more clients, make more money. Think about what is important to them and make sure that you show them the benefits of your solution to their problem in a way which talks to those benefits that they care most about.

Step 6: Ask them to take the next step

Then, finally, and most importantly, you have got to share with them, a way that they can say yes. In other words, what is the next step? What is the next thing that needs to happen to progress this solution? Don’t shy away from this. Don’t hide from this. Be clear and up front, what is the next step, and actually ask them to take it.


When you follow these six steps that we’ve talked about in this video, you will be following the proven process that will enable you to influence, persuade, business leaders, and or clients to make the changes that you want them to make.


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Mark Kyte

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