Are you focussed on the right things?

It is speech contest season in Toastmasters. And, in every club all around the world people are dreaming of delivering their speech in the final at the international convention in August. There are seven contests (Club, Area, Division, District, Semi Final, and Final), and 25,000 other contestants that the eventual winner has to navigate to be crowned the winner. Despite the odds a great number of toastmasters dream of being the person handed the ultimate speaking trophy and be crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking.

I’m no different!

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Wendy asking if I would be interested in delivering an educational session at the District conference in May. Toastmasters contest rules stipulate that if you are presenting a session at the conference you are not eligible to compete in the speech contest.

My goal this year is to grow the Public Speaking Skills University. But deep down I’d also like to lift the World Championship trophy…. A dilemma – do I indulge myself or do I remain focussed on the goals I have set myself!

But as I stepped back and assessed what was most valuable use of my time I realised that whilst I’d LIKE to lift the compete and be the one to lift the trophy my GOAL for this year is better served by delivering an educational session at the conference and demonstrating that I (and the Public Speaking Skills University can provide). Sure it’s a sacrifice to make myself ineligible to compete, but in view of what I want to achieve this year it’s only a small sacrifice.

My question for you is, are you making the choices that will advance you towards your goals or are you indulging yourself?

p.s. I’ll keep you updated when I have more detail on the topic of the educational session.

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Mark Kyte

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