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5 Webinar Mistakes you need to avoid to make sales online

Webinars are a great marketing tool when you know how to deliver one successfully. Traditional “in person” events can be risky and expensive, and while they have a role to play in any sales and marketing plan there are some key factors that you need to consider. An in person event requires a significant investment in venue hire, catering, advertising and even the promotional material you will give to your attendees.

Webinars, by comparison, provide a fantastically scalable and affordable way of reaching prospective clients – all from the comfort of your home or office without the expense and anxiety of an in-person event.

The number of sales you need to make as a result of your webinar is significantly less to make it a profitable success!

When done well; a webinar positions you as an authority in your niche and highlights how your clients can work with you. However, for a webinar to be a success there are some key mistakes you need to avoid:

No compelling hook to get peoples attention

The first mistake made by webinar novices is that they do not provide a compelling and attractive hook for their webinar. Prospective attendees don’t see a great benefit to hand over their name and email address. As a result the webinar promoter struggles to attract people to register for the online event.

Whilst an in-person event can be “sold” by you over the phone, a webinar is heavily reliant upon your online registration page to communicate the reasons your clients should attend. Without a solid and compelling hook that communicates the benefits of registering and attending the webinar visitors will “click away” and never register.


No rapport and stickiness

A webinar presentation needs to be much more engaging and interesting than a traditional in person presentation. During an in person there is “peer pressure” from fellow attendees that will deter someone from leaving the event early. On a webinar that doesn’t exist and people can easily click across to Facebook or other interesting websites… Or simply leave the event! To counter this you need to make your content and delivery sticky with plenty of “You questions” and as the speaker you will need to work hard at building and maintaining rapport you’re your audience in your virtual room throughout the event.


Too much teaching

A common mistake on webinar presentations is to show the world how much we know about our niche or topic. Whilst the intent is admirable it is actually detrimental to our clients. Imagine drinking from a fire hose… When the water comes out too fast you will struggle to get any in your mouth. The same thing happens when you over power your clients with too much information.

To counter this you need to review what information you share and how you share it.

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Weak Close

A successful webinar should lead to sales. Unfortunately, whilst many of us are confident and happy to deliver valuable content we shy away and lose confidence and authority when we we offer our services. We shy away from selling.

A great webinar should setup the offer, and make it a natural progression for the client to choose when it is delivered authentically and confidently.

No follow up

The awesome beauty of a webinar is that it “lives” long after the event. Any decent professional webinar package will enable you to record the event. This enables you to provide a recording and follow up email to the attendees that attended the webinar and those attendees who didn’t show up.

Note: To enhance the benefits of your follow up activities you should have a tailored message for both categories (those that attended and those that failed to show) to maximize replay viewing and getting the client to take the next step.

A professional and profitable webinar can be conducted when the mistakes outlined are avoided. Your online events will become more enjoyable to prepare and deliver as your clients respond positively to the experience and information you share with them. If you would like assistance conducting webinars or you want to understand how you can increase your influence and become the authority in your marketplace contact Mark to see how the Public Speaking Skills Academy can assist you.

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