Playing to a Live Audience

The Value of Performing on a Real Stage

Wednesday night was one of the highlight evenings at my children’s school. It was their Peripatetic Concert evening. It is an opportunity for all of the kids learning musical instruments to perform in front of an audience. It is a wonderful evening where the parents are spoilt with inspiring performance (and the occasional missed note). No matter the standard every child, from little year one students who have been learning their instrument for only a few to some exceptionally talented year six boys and girls the experience for the student was the same.


Each walked out to the centre of the stage with misgivings. They were all naturally nervous and apprehensive. For most of the students it is one of the rare opportunities they get to perform in front of an audience that consists of more than mum and dad. Yet, after just a few short minutes playing their piece of music for the assembled audience, they walk off stage beaming. Rightly proud of the efforts – as they should be!!


The performance is critical – they spent many months practising and learning in private but it is only when they play for the “world” do they truly appreciate how far they have come with their learning and playing ability. The smile on each child’s face as they walk off stage tells the world they now understand how they have developed (and how they actually enjoy playing to a “real” audience).


Practice in private is essential, but at some point you need to take what you have learnt into the real world and apply. Whatever your practising behind closed doors, away from prying eyes, to understand how far your have progressed you need to find a stage to perform on. If you’ve developed the perfect elevator pitch the perfect sales presentation, or the perfect phone script. At some point you need to “perform it” for a real audience. You never know – like the kids, you might enjoy it.


Final note: As a proud father I was really happy to see my daughter Alexis get up and perform “Over the Rainbow”. It’s a really challenging piece and Alexis has practised really hard and she was the best on the night in my eyes (but I’m biased of course).

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