The Power of Connection & Shared Experiences

It’s amazing what happens when a group of people with similar ideals, thoughts, and motivation come together. There is an incredible connection and energy that bonds strangers together.


Last week I was lucky enough to be in Adelaide for the Liverpool versus Adelaide match. It was a wonderful experience! I was in Melbourne two years ago with my wife and kids when they first toured Australia and we were part of the 90,000 strong crowd who sang You’ll Never Walk Alone.

For those who don’t know You’ll Never Walk Alone is the adopted anthem of Liverpool Football Club. And, it is sung before every match by the fans.


Last week, it was just my brothers and I. So we spent the hours before the game hanging out with other fans. At this point it’s worth noting that my brothers are not Liverpool fans. But after seeing what happened in Melbourne two years ago they didn’t want to miss out.


So, last Monday we trawled the pubs of Adelaide hanging out with anyone who happened to be wearing a red shirt. We sang, we drank, and we sang some more…. There was a bond between strangers – coming together for a common cause – to support the reds!


Whilst the Adelaide Oval doesn’t hold 90,000 people like the MCG the 55,000 people inside the ground last Monday night gave a FANTASTIC rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone (and my brothers were happy they came down for the game!).


The Lesson for you?


Well, I suppose I just want to reinforce the power of establishing a connection and creating an experience – and for you to enjoy the rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone:). My brothers and I flew half way across the country for the experience of singing You’ll Never Walk Alone and feeling the connection with 50,000 other people as we all sing it together. And, while you probably won’t get the opportunity to speak to 50,000 people (or lead them in song), what are you doing to build a connection and create an experience for them to remember?


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