RIP Robin Williams – Lessons from the GREAT Comedian

Hearing the news of Robin Williams untimely passing yesterday was very sad.  It is a mark of the man than TV networks broke into their regular programming to announce that Robin Williams was dead.

Robin had a special ability to make so many people laugh and smile. Through his comedy he made many peoples lives happier with his comedy. It was an art that he practised and perfected constantly. He never relied on natural talent alone, he was an artist who worked at perfecting his craft.  Within the industry he was known as one of THE hardest working comedians, constantly practising and refining his jokes at comedy clubs before they would go anywhere near the “big stage”.

If you have ever watched any of his stage shows you will have seen him take an audience member to task and ridicule them in front of everyone, whether it be for the tie they are wearing or the camera they are using. To the untrained eye it appears impromptu. The reality was different. Robin knew that in his audiences there would be someone with an “odd” tie or someone taking pictures. He prepared and perfected his “impromptu routines” for those situations. The result was pure genius!

Whilst your goal might not be to become a comedy legend like Robin Williams you can learn from him. He practised and perfected his craft. You can do the same with your presentations. Robin showed us that no matter the level of natural talent we have it still takes practise and perseverance. If a great comedian has to practise and perfect their craft then so do the rest of us.

Thanks for the laughs and the lessons you’ve taught us Robin. Rest in Peace.

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Mark Kyte

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