How to make your next presentation irresistible

It is vital you make your presentation irresistible. We live and work in a world that has never been busier. As presenters and influencers this presents a unique challenge. The people we want to influence are battling with the mountain of distractions before we approach them. When we ask them to move their attention from what they are doing to what we have to say we need to ensure that we make it a valuable investment of their time.


How can we make it worthwhile?


There are three simple things we can do with any presentation to make the message irresistible.


It goes without saying that a presentation needs to be relevant to the person receiving it. In a world with Facebook, news sites, and a comprehensive to-do lists if your presentation is not relevant to the people watching it they will “switch off”. Phones will come out or their eyes will “glaze over”.


You can avoid this by ensuring you start your presentation in a way that gets their attention and immediately communicates to them that what you are about to share with them is very relevant to them. What does this mean – you need to show how you can make their life easier or better by paying attention to what you are discussing in your presentation.



Once you have your audience paying attention you need to make your message digestible. You need to be aware of their understanding they have on the topic of your presentation, and then break your ideas and thoughts you want to influence them with. Convert them into digestible “chunks” that leads their thinking to where you want to be.


This takes preparation! The better you know your colleagues or clients in your audience the easier you can identify the digestible chunks that they will understand.


Entertaining and Enjoyable

A final thought I want to cover in this article is the concept of making your presentation entertaining and an enjoyable. The better the “experience” you make your presentation the greater the understanding and retention of your ideas.


My colleague, Darren LaCroix says “When people laugh they listen”. Its true! When you laugh you lower any barriers or inhibitions you have – which means you are fully absorbing what has been said to trigger the laughter.


I’m not proposing that you try and convert your next presentation into a comedy routine. But there are opportunities to make your audience smile and make your presentation a positive experience that will enable you to have a much greater influence. Find them. Use stories, appropriate humour, and even a simple smile as you deliver the presentation can transform the outcome of your presentation.



When you make your presentation relevant, the contents digestible and the experience enjoyable you will see an increase in your ability to persuade your colleagues and clients. Increasing your impact, increasing your influence helping you get the outcomes you are chasing!


About The Author

Mark Kyte

Mark Kyte is a public speaking mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy. Mark loves helping clients achieve dynamic results that help them increase their influence and get more clients. Read more of his blog and if you like what you see check out the mentoring programs.