Effective eye contact

How to make effective eye contact


Today’s tip is all about making eye contact. Now, eye contact is a vital skill for you to master in communication because eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s how your audience, how the people you’re communicating with judge your veracity. In other words, are you telling the truth, can you be believed? They’re going to look to make eye contact with you and assess you based upon that and it’s the same way that your kids and you interact in terms of you judge your kids, if you have kids, around if they’re telling the truth based on their ability to make eye contact with you.


How can you make effective eye contact?


Well you got to basically hold it until you feel that there’s a connection. Now generally it means that you look at a person in the eye and hold it there for maybe two seconds, maybe three depending upon the person, no more than that and you’ve got to share it evenly around the room. Now in my Speak to Influence programme we talk about depending upon the room layout how you can do that, because obviously small rooms it’s easy, larger rooms it becomes more challenging. Effective eye contact requires you to make that physical connection so that you and the other person that you’re looking at know that you’ve made that connection. Hold it for one, two maybe, no more than three seconds and you’ll have effective eye contact.

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