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Where to find great stories


Welcome to this very quick tip. Now, one of the fundamentals of great speaking and the ability to truly influence people is as you get them to buying to your vision and the best way to do that is through the use of stories to illustrate all your major key points with stories. Now, the question is where can you find great stories? Well, let me touch on a couple of obvious places.

Your background

First, go and have a look into your background. What experiences have you had that might be relevant? Look at it. Go right the way back through the childhood, what your parents, what your grandparents potentially taught you and told you. There’s some great opportunities there for stories.

Your organisation

Then have a look around your organisation. Go through whether or not it’s your … Go through your current customer list, your past customer list. Have a look there. There are going to be plenty of stories that you could incorporate. Go through and also interrogate your complaints department. There are opportunities there for you to share stories that actually will teach and inspire people to learn the lessons so take a hold of them and use them as opportunities to illustrate your points using real tangible examples. So these are just some really very simple, very quick places that you can go and have a look at and go and find and mine and uncover great stories. Put them into your story file so they’re there for future reference when you need them.


Remember, stories are what is going to illustrate your key point. We buy firstly based on emotion and reinforced in logic. Stories are you key to unlocking the emotional appeal to your message. So again, we’ll go through this and show you how to tell great stories in my speak to influence programme. If you want to have a check out of that, then go and visit the Also, go in and inspect the blog because there is a great range of tips and free articles, great range of advises there that will help you increase your influence and increase your impact and ultimately when that happens, guess what, your income increases as well so go check out all the public speaking articles on my blog.

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