Essential Vocal Skills for Persuasive Presentations

Do you have a voice that is pleasant and easy for your clients to listen too? There are key vocal skills that you need to master so that your sales pitch is profitable and productive. And, no matter how enticing and persuasive the content of your sales pitch. If your clients cannot focus their attention to your content because your vocal delivery skills are poor you are losing sales.

To maintain the attention of your audience and to influence their thinking there are four vocal skills that you need to develop and master so you can maximise your impact and enjoy more success.
Your volume needs to be appropriate for the room that you are delivering your presentation in. Vocal Power can aid you to convey emotion and confidence. When voice volume is used appropriately it will enable you to project authority, conviction, and energy. All vital aspects that will assist you in persuading your audience during your presentation.


Nervous presenters often speak to fast and maintain a pace that does not allow their audience members opportunity to digest and understand the message they are attempting to communicate. At the opposite end of the speaking rate spectrum a speaker who delivers their words too slow will bore their audience – and the audience stops listening to what the speaker is saying.

A consistent and measured pace, in the range of 130 – 170 words per minute is required to for audiences to maintain interest and understand what is being presented in the pitch.


If you speak with your voice at the extremes of pitch levels (too high or too low) your audiences attention will naturally wander from the speech you are delivering. This is because your voice is too challenging to listen to and you will lose credibility and your ability to persuade and influence.

To successfully sell you ideas and increase your influence you need to have a pleasant speaking voice that naturally alters from high to low range of pitch over the course of the presentation.
The most powerful and influential sound when selling ideas is the sound of silence. It provides an opportunity for your audience to consider the salient points of your pitch – whilst also projecting confidence and charisma. It takes a level of skill (less skilful speakers “Um and Ah” instead of standing in silence) and poise to stand in front of an audience in silence. When delivering the call to action, where you want the audience to consider your request and direction and then act accordingly it is vital that you master the ability to pause and stand in silence.


Your vocal delivery skills can make or break your presentation. A well prepared and crafted sales presentation can be undone if the vocal delivery skills of the presenter does not reflect the preparation.


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