Engage your audiences at a deeper level (with their biggest distraction)

Engaging audiences and maintaining their interest in a presentation is the hardest it has ever been. Presenters have a myriad of distractions they must outwit to maintain the undivided attention of the people they are talking too. Most of the distractions are embedded in a single device – the phone! Thanks to the smart phone audiences can continue “working” whilst they sit through a presentation – whether its responding to emails or updating their Facebook status

How about we turn a severe distraction into a mechanism that enables us to establish a deeper connection with our audiences…

By asking our audience to interact via their phones they become more engaged, and audience members who would otherwise not ask questions (if you invite audience members to raise their hands to ask a question) are more likely to get involved.



Twitter provides a great mechanism for you to allow your audience to communicate with you during your presentation. By using twitter and having a tweet wall you can provide your audience to express their thoughts and ask you questions as you speak.

You will need to provide your audience a hash tag at the start of your presentation, and through tools such as Twubs, Twitterfall, and Visable Tweet you can have a dedicated twitter wall where all comments and questions are displayed as you speak.

Twitter Fall


There are a number of tools online that you can leverage to quiz audience members and have them compete with others in the room. Through tools like Kahoot you can ensure that those listening to your presentation understand the information you are delivering whilst simultaneously engaging them in ways that have not been achievable without substantial.


The simple mechanism to guage audience pre-conception and feedback during a presentation is to leverage polls. Through technology such PollsEverywhere you can invite audiences to participate in polls and provide feedback whilst having the results appear live in your presentation. One of the advantage of Polls Everywhere, as an example, is that it can be seamlessly integrated with your PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation so there is no requirement to leave your slide show and switch to a web browser window. Whereas the Twitter and Gamification tools don’t have that capability (that I have found – but if you do know of a way please let me know as I’d love to integrate them directly!).



Audience demand and expect presentations to be interesting and more engaging. Using the tools above can help you develop a deeper connection and influence a greater range of audiences. And, in the process you will have more fun!


Have you used these tools (or other similar ones)? Share your experiences and let me know how they help you develop a deeper connection…

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