Are you expressing the right sentiment?

In the cyber world there is the constant challenge of ensuring the words on the screen are read with the right emotion or intent behind them. We know that any word typed in ALL CAPTIALS is communicated as though the writer is shouting at the reader. But that is only one emotion…


As speakers we are not constrained by the limitations of a screen. We are able to interact with our audiences and leverage our voice to change the meaning of a phrase simply by the way we speak it…


Take for example the phrase “Yeah right!”


Depending upon the emotion we put behind the phrase when we say it we can completely change the meaning the audience receives as they hear it… It can be delivered in a happy, upbeat way or it can be delivered in a angry frustrated emotion. Same two words – completely different meaning!




By leveraging the Volume, Pitch, tone, and Rate of your voice as you deliver the phrase.



In the example above the delivery is intentional to get you interpreting the mean I want. This is what you want occurring for everything you say. I want you to think… Are the occasions where you are not deliberate in how you say the words? Is the meaning you wanted the audience to get actually what they are interpreting as they hear the words?


One of the many reasons to practise a presentation or speech is to ensure that you don’t deliver a speech with phrases or words that have a different meaning from what you really intended.


Thanks to Jerry Maguire for the image.
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Mark Kyte

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