An active skill needs active practice

A couple of Sundays ago we took our daughter to a school in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The school is one of the most expensive in Sydney, and it has one of the best views of Sydney harbour you could wish for! Imagine playing handball with that backdrop!

The occasion was not to check the school out as a potential place to send our daughter. It was for a Strings festival. Alexis, my daughter, plays violin and the Australian strings association arranged a non competitive day for violin students to come and play befre an audience. They recognise the value of providing young students the opportunity to see how far they have come with their playing.

Each student got to play a short piece with a trained pianist to accompany them in front of their family and friends, and the family and friends of the other students.

It was a joy to see the reactions of each of the students as they went from trepidation walking out to start their performance to pride as they completed their performance. They realised how far they had come. – and that all the practice at home was leading somewhere…

The lesson for you? Public Speaking is no different. You can prepare, what you believe to be the perfect speech but unless deliver it to an audience you will never know. The fear and nervousness may be present when you walk out to start your presentation but by the end of it I am sure you will have enjoyed the experience and appreciate how far your skills have developed.

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Mark Kyte

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