Become a Leader who can inspire, influence, persuade, and motivate audiences

Mel's Public Speaking Skills Academy Story

Mark was able to take my messages and make them more powerful and easier for people to understand... He was able to help make my presentations more dynamic!

- Mel Thomas, KYUP Project

Bev's Public Speaking Skills Academy Story

From the moment I met Mark he was generous with his time.... He gave me some great tips and went the extra 5 yards helping to edit content - enabling me to condense my pitch. As a result I have gained four new clients from my sixty second pitch.

- Bev Lewis, My Sales Manager

Coaching Highlights

Apart from a 100% Satisfaction guarantee what else do you receive with a coaching package...

  • Customised Package

    A comprehensive examination of your current speaking skills to uncover the hidden challenges and develop a clear plan to develop your skills and confidence.

  • Personal Mentoring

    Sit down with Mark to receive intensive, customised coaching and mentoring. Your session(s) will cover all areas, such as, how to persuade and influence, harnessing body language, maximising your vocal skills, presentation and message development.

  • Unlimited Support

    If you have an urgent presentation to prepare for, or important meeting, Mark is available outside of your regular sessions via phone or email for you to get the support you need to succeed.

Here's What You'll Get With a Mentoring Package...

Mark will assist you with...

  • Confidence and Poise
  • How to deliver powerful and professional presentations
  • Enhanced executive presence and credibility
  • Harnessing body language and vocal skills
  • Establishing Rapport and Building Trust
  • Principles of visual aids to enhance your presentation
  • Secrets to influence and inspire audiences
  • Become more visible and get recognised by the people that matter
  • Improved results
  • Management of nerves and confidence
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Some of the results you will receive from working with Mark

  • Become the recognised and trusted leader
  • Improved Confidence and Poise
  • Compelling presentations that sell you and your message
  • Control meetings and achieve the desired outcomes
  • Increased ability to develop effective messages that sell your ideas and proposals
  • Significantly reduced preparation time
  • Master body language and staging to enhance your presentation delivery
  • Increased ability to present with Authority and Impact
  • Vocal mastery to project authority and leadership
  • Increased confidence for any public speaking situation
  • Successfully speak to any audience
  • Easily create professional visual aids
  • Connect with and influence the toughest audiences


Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with the service or training you receive from the Public Speaking Skills Academy for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know and we'll happily refund your money.

Mark Kyte

Sustainable skills development that allows clients to master speaking, influencing, and confidence to become the recognised leader!

Mark Kyte
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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Demi's Public Speaking Skills Academy Story

 Mark has been an amazing coach.

 He actively listens, provide constructive feedback though his professionalism which helped me achieved my goal and helped me build my confident with public speaking . Mark always willing to help even outside the coaching time throughout the course. Thank you for your supportive and excellent coaching.

 I highly recommend !!!!

- Demi Pimprasran, Allianz Australia