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What Our Clients Say

Mark has been an amazing coach. He actively listens, provide constructive feedback though his professionalism which helped me achieved my goal and helped me build my confident with public speaking . Mark always willing to help even outside the coaching time throughout the course. Thank you for your supportive and excellent coaching. I highly recommend !!!!

Demi Pimprasran

From the moment I met Mark he was generous with his time.... He gave me some great tips and went the extra 5 yards helping to edit content - enabling me to condense my pitch. As a result I have gained four new clients from my sixty second pitch.

Bev Lewis
My Sales Manager

Mark was able to take my messages and make them more powerful and easier for people to understand... He was able to help make my presentations more dynamic!

Mel Thomas
KYUP Project

You are a generous and inspiring speaker. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us. We hope we get the opportunity to work with you on future events.

Nerida Ayers


  • Q.What Sales or Speaking level do you have to be to use this?

    A.The Sales and Speaking Vault is developed for anyone. From someone sitting at a job they are unhappy at figuring out what to do with their life, right through to someone who has been in business for years.

  • Q.What if I have little or no money?

    A.Of course having money helps, but many of our Sales and Speaking Strategies taught are developed for Small Business Owners on “Shoe-String Budgets”. That is why we keep the subscription as low as possible so everyone can benefit.

  • Q.What will I learn in the Sales and Speaking Vault?

    A.You will learn the Top Sales and Pitching Strategies from a range of sources and personally experienced by Mark Kyte and the many business owners and leaders he has worked with over the years. The powerhouse Courses, Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, Worksheets and such have been developed to keep them as simple as possible to follow.

  • Q.How long till I see results?

    A.This completely varies on a range of factors from anything from Business Type, to Personal Circumstances, to Effort and to Ability. We generally find that within 2 – 4 weeks of heavy application of what we teach, people start getting initial results.

  • Q.How often do you update the content?

    A.We generally update and add new content each month as part of its development. At times we do more than this based on feedback, changes in the market and new information coming out.

  • Q.How do I access the content?

    A.The Sales and Speaking Vault is an “Online / Digital Product” meaning that you get instant access to it Online. Unless you say download some of the materials, you need a device (be it , Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Windows 8 Tablet etc) to access information here.

  • Q.Who is the creator of the Sales and Speaking Vault?

    A.Mark Kyte (Sales Mentor and founder of the Public Speaking Skills Academy) is the Creator of the Sales and Speaking Mastery Vault. For the last fifteen years he has been mentoring people to improve their ability to get deliver their message, increase their confidence, and influence others.

  • Q.Why is the Price so low for so much content?

    A.We have deliberately offered more content and are charging less than many other programs out there as we know how tough it is being a Small Business Owner. Our goals are not just “Financial” with this Product, we have a drive to help as many people as possible.

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