Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

The Public Speaking Skills Academy (‘PSSA’) is a public speaking and sales mentoring & training service that is designed to assist business owners, directors and managers achieve their goals. PSA mentors do their best at all times in understanding clients unique situations and goals – with the focus on providing the best possible advice at all times.


The PSSA mentors are an external party to the client and it’s critical that the client understands they are completely responsible for assessing any advice given in accordance with their own situation and objectives. Clients are completely responsible for outcomes gained as a result of using the services of PSSA coaching.


The Profitable Marketing Forum offers General Advice of an educational nature in a mass group setting and doesn’t constitute individual advice considering ones unique personal circumstances.


All references to “6 and 7 Figure Income” does not guarantee anyone that financial performance. It is a dependent on a range of factors outside of our control and the personal performance of the operator developing, implementing and adapting such strategies in their own business environment.


The Profitable Marketing Forum is also offered “Free” to the business community as an act of good faith and promotional opportunity for its speakers and programs. We reserve the right to select who attends to ensure it’s a positive and contribution crowd for the betterment of all attendees…..