The Six Webinar Roles you need to fill

As a small business owners we wear many hats on a daily basis. It is natural that we look for ways to simplify our marketing. Webinars are a FANTASTIC way to provide flexibility and scale to our marketing efforts. But, as with anything worthwhile in life,  there are some things you need to consider when planning…

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Are you completing the right tasks on your to-do list?

I have just finished listening to a thoughtful podcast. I regularly listen to the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast. It’s an inspiring and uplifting podcast for any small business owner or entrepreneur.   On todays episode John Lee Dumas was interviewing Rory Vaden. I know of Rory as he won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public…

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How to sell your Product or Services to anyone

How can you make your offer more appealing? In many cases there is no need to add additional feature to your product or service to make it more appealing. It comes down to how you communicate the benefits of using your products or services to potential clients. When you show them that their life will…

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The Webinar on how to run Live Webinars

Check out the Live webinar I did with Ed Zia from Excellence Above. Together we shared our experiences utilising Live Webinars and how small business owners can use them to massively grow their business. One of the reasons I love webinars are that they are so cost effective and they allow you to promote your…

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5 Webinar Registration Page Best Practices

An effective webinar strategy consists of three parts. Attraction, Delivery, and Follow Up. In this article we will discuss the best practices for your webinar registration page so you can maximise the conversion of the visitors you get to land on your page to registered attendees – a vital part of the attraction phase. Your…

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8 Rookie Webinar Mistakes to Avoid

Webinars are proving to be a massively powerful marketing tool – provided you avoid these rookie mistakes. Webinars provide a platform that allows businesses of any size to grow their client base. With their incredibly low cost base they are ultra effective for small businesses to reach their market cheaply and compete with the “big…

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How to become the authority in your marketplace

When someone asks who is the expert in self development the first name that comes to mind is Tony Robbins, when you think of mortgages in Australia you think of John Symonds, and when some asks who the expert is in your market place what name comes to mind? Is it yours? Or is it…

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Six Webinar models will grow your profits today

Public Speaking will grow your influence and provide you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the mark place. There are few better ways for an entrepreneur or consultant to deliver their message to large groups of potential clients more cost effectively.   However, finding regular opportunities where you can position yourself and…

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Technical Presentations Audience

Is Public Speaking a good marketing strategy?

I was talking with a friend, Tanya, at a networking event last week. She shared with me her some of the successes she’s had over the last couple of months. Several months ago she approached me about potentially helping her with a presentation she was delivering at a sales conference. Ultimately we didn’t get the…

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In business it is personal

Its not business… It is Personal!

Someone like Gordon Gecko might say “Its not personal… Its business!”. But, for most of us business is personal. Before anybody will do any business with your organisation they need to like, know, and trust the person representing the business.

For a sales presentation scenario this means that the client needs to feel that the person delivering the pitch warrants trust. For the person delivering the presentation this means that the opening part of the presentation needs to be dedicated to getting the attention of the audience AND establishing a rapport with the key members of the audience.

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