Three Sales Mistakes you need to avoid

I had an interesting experience earlier in the week. I filled in a enquiry form on a holiday website to get a price for taking the family to Fiji… What came back was a case study in how not to make a sale. Watch the full story here: Have you had a similar experience?

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The Value of a great elevator pitch

A great elevator pitch is vital if you want to succeed in networking. Check out the video below to see what a great elevator pitch can do, and importantly, how you can create your own perfect elevator pitch.   If you want help with perfecting and practising your elevator pitch. Check out Mark’s Sales and Speaking…

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Habits of Power presenters and sales people

7 Habits of Powerful Presenters and Sales People

There are speakers who can captivate an audience and influence their thinking and sell their ideas effortlessly. What are the key differences that separate them from an ineffective speaker? Below are seven habits that distinguish a powerful and influential presenter. Focus on the Audience To influence an audience a powerful presenter knows their attention and…

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Influence and Persuasion

Instantly Make your Presentation More Persuasive

My American speech coaching colleague, Craig Valentine, accurately says “when you are in speaking you are in sales”. No matter what your role, and regardless of whether you are simply informing your audience and sharing your expertise or you are actively and consciously attempting to persuade them you need to use language that will influence…

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Selling through a webinar

How to overcome the 5 challenges delivering a Sales Pitch online

Time and money are always precious commodities. Especially in business where there are constant time pressures and budget constraints. The advent of some great tooling, such as Citrix GoToMeeting or Zoom is enabling sales teams, coaches, and consultants to deliver sales presentations and meetings remotely. The benefits of remote presenting are great, but there are…

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How To Master Networking Webinar Replay

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The Power of Consistency

We all know we can get a better burger at the local chicken shop than what is served up to at our local McDonalds. Most of us can cook a way better burger. So, why do we still head to our local Maccas when we want a quick and easy feed? Several reasons (and those…

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The one question NEED to ask every new connection

To be successful networking you need to have a polished elevator pitch. It is vital that you can communicate whom you work with, the problems you solve, and the benefits clients experience when they work with you. But, after you and the person you are taking to have delivered your pitches, what happens next? There is one VITAL question you need to ask.

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Do you have a Plan B?

Yesterday morning I started the day with a bit of a catastrophe… I was working on the kitchen table when a cup of English Breakfast tea got knocked over. Like a movie in slow motion I could see the tsunami of tea (a slight exaggeration – but you get the picture) surging towards my laptop.…

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Sales Pitch

10 Sales Pitch Mistakes costing you sales

A sales pitch can be completely undermined by some elementary but deadly mistakes. It requires a significant investment of time, energy, and effort to get the opportunity to present your sales pitch to your ideal clients. And, to undermine the opportunity to get the sale by making avoidable but deadly mistakes is going to cost…

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