structure a sales presentation

How to structure a sales presentation

When you know how to structure a sales presentation you can quickly and easily increase the persuasiveness and impact of your sales pitch. In article I show you how to structure a sales presentation to make your sales meetings more effective. In this short video I’m going to show you how you can structure a sales presentation in…

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how to close a sales presentation

The question you need to ask at the end of EVERY sales meeting

There is one simple question that should be asked at the end of every sales presentation or sales meeting. There is no need for “icky” high pressure closing techniques, rather a simple question that allows the customer to reveal their thoughts and feelings about the solution you have just shared with them. Hi, Mark here,…

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How to produce authority content

How to start producing Authority Content

For many there is a mental or process block that inhibits them from starting to create and publish authority content. From the initial thoughts of “what should I write about?” to “Is this content good enough?” the voice inside our heads can sow the seeds of doubt. Preventing us from publishing our expertise. In this video…

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The 3 Best Sales Questions you need to ask every client

When you sit down with your clients there are three key questions that you need to ask them. If you don’t you will not know what they are really thinking, feeling, or how motivated they are. But when you are armed with the answers to the three questions I share with you in the video…

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Increase your influence

How to move from information provider to audience influencer when you pitch

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how to become the trusted authority with webinars and workshops

Should I run webinars, live events, or both?

I received a great question from one of my email subscribers, Garry Hannam. Garry  asked me about the combination of live events and webinars and how attendees become paying clients. Do they attend just live events, do they purchase after webinars, or does a webinar lead people to a live event.   Check out my answer in…

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Content Creation to become the trusted authority

6 Essential Elements of Authority Building Content

Every coach, consultant or aspiring leader is publishing content and is competing with you to become the trusted authority in the market. This means that there is a lot of noise competing for the attention of your ideal audience. Fortunately (for you) most of the content published is low quality. When you produce the right,…

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Creating a win win win event

Creating a Win Win Win Event

On Sunday I had a great afternoon. We got to enjoy some glorious food and savour some really great wines (probably one or two more than we should have, but life is there to be lived right?). From our experience there are some great lessons that can be learned for any business… Several months ago…

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How to establish a relationship at networking events

The people skills you need to succeed

At the profitable marketing forum at Servcorp in North Sydney earlier today I was asked a very thoughtful question. I had just completed the elevator pitch module and was in the midst of answering questions when one of our attendees asked a question I’m not frequently asked.   Most attention and effort when discussing the…

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Speaking on Video

How to use Facebook Live to be seen as an expert

With more users than any other platform you ignore Facebook at your peril. But, with so many users and so many people posting updates and clamouring for attention on the platform it can be extremely difficult to get yourself seen and heard by the people you want to reach. From a visibility and reach perspective,…

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