How to be seen as an authority in your field

Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re in a corporate career. It’s really important that you are recognised as an authority. Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re…

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Get more sales

How to reliably get superior sales with your presentations

Bus ad’s seem to be catching my attention at the moment (see last weeks article “Transform your presentation with remarkable messages”). Maybe I’ve consciously become more aware of them, or they have improved and are becoming more effective. Well, most are effective; the ad I noticed earlier this week was memorable for the right reasons…

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Transform your presentation with remarkable messages

It is easy to transform your presentation by ensuring you have a remarkable message. What is a remarkable message? It is simply a message that communicates the right ideas and details to the audience its being delivered to! That’s easier said than done… But, when you have the right message you get results. Earlier this…

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increase influence

A sure fire way to increase your influence

There’s a sure fire way to increase your influence and make your presentations more persuasive. Know what your desired outcome is! It sounds simple, and it is, but to often it’s a neglected aspect of any presentation or communication.   As the Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice in Wonderland “If you don’t know where you…

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Persuasive Presentation

3 Pitching Lessons from Shark Tank

School holidays are great. I get to spend more time with the kids and the after school activities wind down. As a result I was able to sit down and enjoy Shark Tank this week. It’s fascinating to see the different styles of pitch that the business owners deliver in the hope of securing an…

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How to get A grade clients without high pressure sales tactics webinar replay

The webinar, conducted live on Tuesday 20th June covered all the essential areas you need to know to get A grade clients without resorting to high pressure sales tactics that leave you and your clients feeling bad.   You can watch the replay below…  

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Do you want to increase your Influence? Use this Public Speaking tool

There is one really powerful tool that will help you dramatically increase your influence. Whether you’re speaking to clients or colleagues in a small setting or on a large stage using stories appropriately will dramatically improve your ability to influence them to adopt your proposals.   The most powerful tool to persuade other people is…

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Trusted Influencer Show – Why people don’t buy what you’re selling

You can make more sales when you understand why people won’t buy what your selling. In this episode of the trusted influencer show I discuss the six reasons why people won’t buy and what you need to change so you can increase your influence and make more sales!            

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How to increase your influence and make more sales with LinkedIn Webinar Replay

We had a great time on the webinar last night night. There was lots of interaction and some great ideas shared that will enable you to build your network with profitable clients, establish trust and credibility with them, and ultimately make the sale. You can check out the replay below. Enjoy! Click here to apply for your…

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How the Logies can help you increase your influence

  I don’t normally pay attention to the Logies or any awards ceremonies for that matter – especially the Oscars! Really who cares? But a story from the Logies ceremony did catch my eye. And there’s a nice lesson in the story that can help you improve your ability to influence your clients and colleagues.…

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