bad public speaking advice is hurting you

Why the Public Speaking advice you’ve been given might be holding you back

Family, friends, and colleagues may have shared with you some public speaking advice. Its well intentioned but, often, misguided. The poor advice that they are giving you is actually hurting your development and stopping you from achieving the results you want. In this episode of the Trusted Influencer show I share some of the worst public speaking advice I heard and why its so detrimental to your development. Check out the episode below….

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lead and influence

How to lead and influence with non verbal gestures

What a great show we had. On this weeks episode we talked about how to lead and influence with non verbal gestures.     Key points covered in the show were: 1) Bad gestures impacts your ability to influence Bad body language leaves your audience wondering if you are trustworthy, credible, and believable. Most importantly your…

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How to look and Sound Confident

In this weeks awesome episode of the Trusted Influencer Show I discussed how to look confident and how you can ensure you sound confident – even when you are afraid of delivering your presentation!   Watch this week’s show below:       In the show we covered the following key points to help you…

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Trusted Influencer Show – How to Sound Confident

Welcome to the first episode of my new live stream show the Trusted Influencer Show! Its a weekly show delivered live on Facebook. With any new “things” there were a few technical bumps… Who’d have thought that my request for an interactive show would generate a phone call!   The key points covered in the show…

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How to increase your income by 50%

Increase your income by 50% – Warren Buffet tells you how

Is there a way that you can easily increase your income by 50%? Conventional logic says that there is no way to quickly and effortlessly increase your value by 50% overnight. However Warren Buffet disagrees. Speaking to student at Columbia Business School, in a televised address, he told them how they could easily increase their…

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Improve your sales meetings

How to easily improve your sales meeting effectiveness

In this short article I’m going to show you how to improve your sales meetings by sharing with you lessons from some work that I’ve been doing recently with one of the worlds largest financial organisations. It will help you improve your sales meetings and get better results when speaking with clients.   I’ve been…

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Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause – How to Increase your influence

The power of the pause! Silence is the most powerful sound in public speaking. When you’re delivering your very next presentation I challenge you to incorporate the sound of silence. In this article I’ll share with you three different techniques that you can use to incorporate the power of the pause, to have real impact…

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Inappropriate hand gestures

6 Inappropriate Hand Gestures to avoid when speaking

An inappropriate hand gesture can very quickly and very easily destroy the credibility that you’ve worked hard to establish. In meetings or in presentations with clients or colleagues, the right hand gesture can add more emphasis and meaning to your messages by powerfully supporting the words you are saying. In this article, I will share…

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How to open a speech

5 different ways to start a presentation

When you start a presentation you have 30 seconds to get the attention of your audience. You need a good strong powerful opening when you stand up to deliver your next speech. In this article, I share  five techniques that you can leverage when you start a presentation to get an audiences attention so you can sell…

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Improve your Voice

How to improve your voice quality when speaking

When it comes to influencing, your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have available in your toolbox to influence and changes people’s thinking when they listen to your speech. In this article I’m going to share with you seven techniques that will help you improve your voice quality, enhance your vocal delivery,…

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